Glowing Skin for Brides

Glowing Skin for Brides

At the One Year Mark

If you've recently gotten engaged, consider scheduling an appointment with an esthetician at your earliest convenience. According to Joanna Vargas, esthetician to the stars, 'Quick fixes aren't the answer.' She emphasizes that noticeable improvements in your skin will require commitment and patience on your part. Whether you're introducing new skincare products or undergoing treatments, or considering something more invasive such as injectables, starting early is key to achieving your desired results.


For individuals dealing with acne or rosacea, patience is essential. It might take six months or even longer to witness significant improvements. This underscores the importance of refining routines and allowing ample time for follow-up appointments to fine-tune treatments. Furthermore, at the one-year milestone, your dermatologist or skincare professional will have ample time to review your current skincare regimen, assess progress and make necessary adjustments aligned with your personal skincare goals. 


When it comes to skincare products tailored for brides-to-be, Vargas suggests incorporating specific active ingredients. Vitamin C, known for its brightening properties, and retinol, effective against fine lines, are highly recommended additions. Additionally, Vargas emphasizes the importance of daily SPF use if not already part of the routine.


Furthermore, she recommends skincare treatments that stimulate new collagen production, resulting in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and improvement in skin texture. Your esthetician can help you sort this out and figure out what treatments are best for you.


At the nine-month mark before the wedding, Joanna Vargas emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent skincare routine. 'Consistency is key in skincare to avoid potential irritation or skin purging from frequent changes in products,' she advises. In conjunction with your skincare regimen you will also be establishing or exploring various treatments suitable for your skin needs.


Between six to nine months prior to the wedding, it's a strategic time to consider skin-focused treatments such as laser, chemical peels, or dermaplaining. This timeframe allows ample opportunity to observe improvements and recover from any adverse reactions. Vargas notes, 'Laser treatments, whether it's broadband light (BBL), intense pulsed light (IPL), or fractionated resurfacing, often necessitate multiple sessions spaced around one month apart to address concerns like acne scarring, pigmentation, and wrinkles.


Additionally, some brides might contemplate non-invasive body contouring or scalp treatments for thicker hair. Vargas suggests consulting with your skincare professionals. For example, she highlights Harklinikken as a natural hair thickening solution for your hair. For those considering options like PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) for hair growth, prescription topicals, or oral supplements, a discussion with a doctor is recommended to explore suitable solutions.


As the six-month mark approaches, it's pivotal to fine-tune your diet to support vibrant and healthy skin. Prioritize a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and leafy greens, if you haven't already done so. Foods like spinach, blueberries, and sweet potatoes are known for their skin-friendly benefits. 


In tandem with a wholesome diet, incorporating supplements and vitamins into your routine can further enhance your appearance and well-being as you approach your wedding day.


For brides that have not yet established pre-wedding facials or treatments, a minimum of three months before the wedding is advisable to allow room for any potential adverse reactions. According to Vargas, scheduling a consultation with your facialist months in advance to design a treatment plan is ideal. Additionally, Vargas typically suggests a battery of treatments such as LED light treatments, deep cleansing and microcurrent facials to help you achieve the maximum results. Also keep in mind that personalized adjustments may be necessary based on individual skin requirements. For those without a regular facialist, seeking recommendations from a trusted dermatologist can be beneficial.


At Joanna Vargas we have an intensive 3 months program to prepare the bride’s skin. We focus on hydration, lifting, collagen production and more to help the bride have perfect skin for her makeup and pictures for the big day.


During any phase, it's crucial to handle your skin delicately and expertly. Also, avoid tanning and excessive sun exposure are these are essential to healthy skin. Opting for organic spray tans offers a safer alternative, providing a beautiful tan without harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Lastly, reducing alcohol intake becomes crucial as the wedding approaches. 'With stress on the rise and frequent visits from relatives, cutting back on alcohol is advised,' notes Vargas. 'Alcohol tends to leave one looking tired and can lead to puffiness, so it's beneficial to limit consumption.


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