Look hot in the cold!

Look hot in the cold!

We kicked back and relaxed with our Massage Therapist Camilla Pflaumer at our NYC salon to chat how to kick winter blues from the body.

Joanna Vargas Massage

Q: What is the best massage to detox the body?

A: Lymphatic drainage massage is perfect for cold weather so the body does not become too stagnate. Pushing the lymph system is ideal this time of year to boost your immune system, accelerate the digestion process and stimulate the lymph and blood back to the heart.

Joanna Vargas Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Q: How often should you get a massage?

A: Twice a month for body maintenance and once a week for those with conditions related to your lymphatic system.

Q: Will the LED Bed help improve my skin and muscles after the massage?

A: Absolutely! LED lights after a full-body massage helps plump the skin for ageless appearance and healing of muscle tissue and joints.

Joanna Vargas Revitalight LED Bed

Q: What at-home practices can help alleviate cold weather blues?

A: Dry brushing with our Ritual Brush before showering and using warm oils like lavender and frankincense to help increase blood flow and prevent infections. Always massage bringing the blood towards the heat.

Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush