Feel the Burn and Tone the Body: The Joanna Vargas RF Treatment

Joanna Vargas Skincare Fat Burning Treatment
Transform your body and perfect your hard workouts and nutritional discipline with our technological break through radio frequency treatment, THE BURN. Prepare to contour, carve and sculpt faster then ever before. Let the Joanna Vargas ‘The Burn’ treatment assist you with your bikini body to look and feel better all summer long. Here’s how it works...

As you age, your collagen fibers separate or tear apart. Radio frequency or RF uses a low energy electrical current, skin is heated and tightened, to keep your skin looking firm. This noninvasive high tech treatment will help target areas of concern. A series of six is recommended for best results.

Joanna Vargas Salon, NYC- The Burn RF Treatment, Fat Burning, reduce cellulite

When it comes to a better body, there is nothing RF cannot assist you with. Achieve a flatter belly, tighten the butt and slim the thighs. It is even proven to reduce love handles and shrink the waistline if combined with diet and exercise. It can even significantly visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you have had children or lost a significant amount of weight and are feeling a looseness of the skin, this treatment will work wonders. If you are looking to enhance your beautiful shape and refine with body contouring, you will also love this treatment!

You can see results from one session, but to see substantial results we recommend 6-8 treatments done once a week for six to eight weeks in a row.

Here are a few popular areas clients typically come in to treat along with facts specific to those spots:

Tummy: Great if you have had children and see looseness in the skin on the stomach. This area usually requires a minimum of three treatments depending on the severity.

Knee area: RF is a really effective treatment to tighten loose skin right above the knee area. making this machine a major confidence booster!

Inner thigh: This area is one of the more stubborn parts of the body in terms of fat reduction. Definitely needs six treatments.

Back of thigh and butt: RF is great for lifting the butt and smoothing cellulite. Our fat burning tool can be used to burn fat in the thigh and butt area too. At least six treatments is needed to see a substantial difference.

Upper back: RF is fantastic if you are looking to reduce stubborn bra fat.

The under arm area: Again, this is an area that women often have trouble firming up and RF can totally change the game for you.

At home tip: If you are looking to give your face a quick lift and firm up the skin at home, try our Eden Instant Lift Sheet Mask. Made of bamboo, this sheet mask instantly delivers firm, radiant-looking skin.

This summer, relieve yourself of hesitation and insecurity when it comes to putting on your bathing suit. Invest in The Burn to boost your confidence and your health for warm weather memories to come.