Three Facials to Boost Your Winter Skin

Three Facials to Boost Your Winter Skin
Winter is one of the toughest seasons on your skin. The instant you go outside you can just feel your face and lips drying out. The chill of the breeze leaves your skin feeling cracked and damaged. Luckily here at Joanna Vargas we have facials to boost your winter skin and have you feeling dewy and hydrated. Three facials that we recommend here at Joanna Vargas to boost your skin are the Twilight Facial, Triple Crown Facial, and the Forever Facial. 

Winter Skin Facials

 The Twilight Facial


Our Twilight Facial is a luxurious 90 minute beauty treatment available exclusively at our NY Salon. It combines the skin tightening power of radio frequency with the deeper collagen remodeling of microneedling to improve skin tone, texture and tightness, while also visibly reducing scarring. The microneedling gun stimulates and remodels collagen production. Estheticians continue to boost an epidermal glow factor with our own Joanna Vargas products to heal and soothe skin for instant cooling. 

We top off the facial with a 20 minute session in our LED Bed to promote overall skin health. The Twilight Facial morphs your facial features into a smoother, tighter appearance while correcting pigmentation and reducing the appearance of scars. Joanna recommends the Twilight Facial to be done once a month over the course of a 3-month period during the winter months. 


The Triple Crown Facial 

The Triple Crown Facial is the facial that started it all! A unique combination of microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and oxygen-infused therapy to refine, lift, and tone your skin. The immediately visible results are smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow.

 “The face is made up of 43 muscles. There are some that are rarely used and begin to atrophy and sag over time. Using a pair of two-pronged microcurrent handheld devices, I send gentle waves of electricity through your skin to stimulate your cells and give your unused muscles a work out – basically acting as a personal trainer for your face! The results are almost immediate as your facial muscles tighten, so there’s noticeable lifting of your skin. This tautness makes you seem more alert and aware, as if you’ve just had a night of deep restorative sleep. I recommend anyone, of all ages, try the Triple Crown Facial.”  - Joanna


The Forever Facial 

The Forever Facial is a unique radio frequency facial that is a combination of radio frequency and controlled heat that re-energizes cells to tighten, tone, and sculpt on contact. If you want a non-invasive instant lift, then this is the facial for you. Joanna recommends the Forever Facial once a week for 8 weeks. It can be alternated with the Triple Crown Facial. 

“Radio Frequency treatment is as close to a non-invasive face-lift as I have ever seen. It’s not a magic bullet – but it really works and is one of the technologies I’ve been most excited about these past few years. I use a small handheld wand that distributes energy directly onto the skin. The warmth heats up the dermis and subdermis, encouraging it to produce more collagen. This causes you to produce 20% more collagen that you normally would, while simultaneously pushing collagen fibers together to thicken and firm skin. I do Radio Frequency on the face of course, but also the body - anywhere that sags or looks dimpled. The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it works if you’re 25, 85, or anywhere in between!” - Joanna  

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