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Extend The Life Of Your Facial

Extend The Life Of Your Facial
fresh glow of healthy skin after your facial but how do you keep it? You Must Use A Face Wash Religiously 14270214_m Using a gentle face wash nightly is the simplest trick to consistently clear and glowing skin. This is probably the number one reason a person's skin never seems to achieve that glow. They forget to do this step or don't do it regularly enough to see results. This step is the foundation for all other steps. I recommend using one that is incorporates antioxidants, soothing elements like oils and exfoliating enzymes to wipe away the daily grime. If a face wash is too drying this can be a sign that your skin needs something gentler. Can I Use Makeup After A Facial? The simple answer is yes and your complexion should be well set up to make your skin luminous. I prefer using mineral makeup after a facial as I believe they are gentlest on fresh new skin. They can be very soothing, specially if you had extractions as they can actually help to soothe inflammation. Don't Forget SPF According to dermatologist the number one cause of aging skin is the sun. One of the last steps a facialist incorporates at the end of you facial is sunscreen. Make sure that you continue this essential step everyday. DIY Facial Ask your facialist for at home tips on how to do a mini facial. Incorporating a facial massage will help boost your skin's health as it floods cells with nutrients and oxygen and encourages lymph drainage. A facial massage can be lifting, firming and when used with your products improves their performance. LED Light Therapy I recommend this add-on to all my clients as it improves your skin vastly. Red and infrared red light temporarily alleviates redness, activates the skin, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to each cell of your skin as well as gets rid of waste. And because it improves circulation it will also boost the performance of your skincare products by driving them deeper into your skin. Of course diet and lifestyle also affect the health of your skin so maintaining a balance is essential for youthful and glowing skin. Lastly, I look forward to seeing you at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City where you will be dazzled by how great your skin looks. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care ]>>

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