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Exfoliating And Nightly Face Wash Will Combat City Pollution On Your Skin

Exfoliating And Nightly Face Wash Will Combat City Pollution On Your Skin
highest quality skin care products to revive and preserve your skin’s healthy radiance. Restorative detoxifying exfoliants, a powerful serum and a natural vitamin C for face, face wash, with a medley of antioxidants are the most effective way to wash away impurities. In this way, you reduce the skin’s contact with toxins and ultimately purify it. Celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas, who received recent acclaim from the New York Times as a ‘High-Profile Facialist’, has introduced a holistic product line that lavishes the skin. In the realm of high end skincare her exfoliant, face wash and serums have been crowned by celebrities and professionals for their rapid path to purity that results in a revitalized youthful appearance. All of her products have been rigorously tested in all of her spa treatments for results. What natural purifying ingredients are in her skin care line? Green Tea is that calming beverage that promotes inner warmth and well being. It is a refreshing botanical ingredient that is safe for all skin types and tones that leaves the face with a clean and clear luster. Mineral-rich Kaolin Clay is a traditional skincare remedy that quickly absorbs contaminants from deep within the pores on contact. As a result the pore size is significantly reduced in minimal time for a refined smooth complexion. It gently softens dead dermal tissue for a radically visible glow. What face products contain these detoxifying ingredients? An Exfoliating Mask has an ultra-fine kaolin clay base that is blended with hydrating lactic acid and restorative fruit enzymes loaded with Vitamin C. Combined in this mask, these key ingredients expedite removal of impurities while replenishing lost moisture. Because pores are cleared of dirt and excess sebum, acne and blemishes are less likely to develop. With regular exfoliation the skin is buffed to a flawless finish of supremely softened texture. The Daily Serum drenches the face with the rich detox benefits of green tea along with many nutrients in concentrated form to thoroughly nourish and moisturize. Vitamins A, C, and E as well as magnesium, potassium and zinc of oat grass fortify the dermis for superior age-defying health. After cleansing and exfoliating, applying a moisturizing serum is the third and crucial step of any face care routine that gets you a youthful radiant look. Finally start reaping the benefits of superior skin care today and stop wondering if you can have beautiful skin. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and if you are a first time client GET $50 off your first treatment. P.S Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and if you want essential skin care tips and tricks sign up to our newsletter, bottom of the page under in the box “Sign Up For Updates”. ]>>

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