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Exfoliate Away Dry Scaly Skin In Winter

Exfoliate Away Dry Scaly Skin In Winter
We have all had encounters with the dry scaly skin that appears during winter months. Exfoliating is the ultimate remedy for dull skin in extreme seasons. All the temperature variations from outdoor freeze to pumped up indoor heating can leave your face ashen and less vibrant. So shedding this dead upper dermis is the only way to reveal a smooth silky complexion once again. What are the best exfoliants during dry winter? Tried and true exfoliants have withstood the test of time and deliver a rejuvenated ageless appearance when used as part of a weekly skin care routine. 5611999_m According to Joanna Vargas of her namesake NYC day spa, kaolin clay has the ability ‘to draw out impurities and decongest the pores.’ So as the toxins are cleansed away silky skin is able to resurface with ease for visible flawlessness. Lactic acid that is sourced from animal milk varieties as the name suggests, helps weaken the bonds of old skin cells enabling the fresh ones to bolt forth for a smooth radiant finish. Leading facial exfoliants include tested and proven natural ingredients that effectively eliminate dead cells, as well as toxins, for optimally age-defying skin. For face care that boosts dermal performance choose the highest quality products free of chemical preservatives, such as parabens and sulfates, that tend to deplete moisture and generally degrade the dermis. How does exfoliating promote healthier skin? When you expel dead epidermal layers with weekly exfoliating cell regeneration is enhanced so the face beams with a healthy glow. When you apply nourishing naturally derived ingredients, as a exfoliant in your skincare regime you’re removing the top layer of the skin. We naturally shed this tissue daily to make way for the fresh skin beneath, but only exfoliating can offer an even tone and texture for a truly beautiful result. Because these old cells often contain contaminants of environmental stress and a less savory lifestyle, when they are released the dermis experiences improved blood circulation. The effect is a overall rosy vitality that looks undeniably healthy. What’s the best way to prevent scaly skin? Top aestheticians will tell you during a consultation: moisture and more moisture is the best way to prevent the arrival of dryness that means the unsightly scales will soon follow. Always apply hydrating serums, oils and creams to skin right after you cleanse when the skin is still damp. This way you increase moisture retention. Drink plenty water to flush contaminants and enhance cell turnover. Your exfoliating regime will bring the best results if you include these two simple steps daily. Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University--now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC. Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene... ]>>

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