End of Summer Must-Haves

End of Summer Must-Haves

Sadly, we are nearing the end of another great summer. Although this one was different than most, it was still filled with great food, friends, sunny days, and glowing skin that we hope lasts through the colder months. Here are some end of summer must-haves to help transition to the fall.

1. This two-piece workout set from Beach Riot. With the weather still warm, you can rock the Leah high waisted leggings and sports bra. But hang on to this for those cooler morning workouts, and just add a cute sweatshirt. 

2. A jean jacket is an absolute must! These cute light jackets are the best addition to your outfit as the nights start to get a little chillier. Shop your favorite from LuLus and try not to buy every color (or do!).

3. If you can’t decide which JV mask to try, no worries. The Glow to Go Mask Set is our solution to try our best sellers. It includes 5 different sheet masks giving you a visibly clearer and more radiant complexion - perfect for the transitional days of humidity and temperature changes. Shop here!

4. If you haven’t heard yet, our New York City Salon is open and with all-new body treatments. These body treatments are the best way to replenish and rejuvenate your skin from months in the sun. Plan your day at the salon today and keep your skin from shoulder to toe looking radiant.

5. With the summer winding down, you may be starting school again, or going back to work. Regardless, we know you’ll be spending more time on the phone and computer. These Blue Light screen protectors from EyeJust are the dermatologist-recommended way to protect your skin from all that extra screen time. Shop screens for your phone and laptop here.