Emsculpt is a Non-invasive Body Contouring Treatment

Emsculpt is a Non-invasive Body Contouring Treatment

The classic Emsculpt is an effective treatment if you are mildly active or exercise regularly as it can give the edge you need in order to rapidly achieve a more define and sculpted physique.

Along with using a balance diet or weight loss plan the Emsculpt classic can in 30 minute sessions quickly turn those stubborn areas into a tone physic. The gains are cumulative just like going to the gym but muscle growth can start to decrease after about six months. This is why patients can maintain their new look by scheduling maintenance treatments every three to six months or as soon as results start to fade. 

Remember, this is a healthy lifestyle choice and the more you do it the greater the gains.

Lastly, I want to mention that the classic Emsculpt, is an FDA-cleared non-surgical body contouring treatment in a league of its own. It is known for its impressive muscle toning and fat-burning properties—and the non-invasive treatment requires zero downtime afterward.

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