Eden For Summertime Glow

Eden For Summertime Glow

Sunscreens can be heavy - lighten up with our Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum + Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer

Do you feel like you’re packing a lot on your skin during the summer? Adding sunscreen to your routine adds an extra layer of skin protection to your face, and we know we should be using sunscreen every day, even in the winter. But in the summer we are reapplying more, especially being at the beach and around the pool. Sunscreen can have a thick formula and to add it to your other skincare, it can feel like your skin is weighted down. Instead of using an oil-based serum and moisturizer, opt for one that is water based. Our new Eden products are perfect for the summer -  Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer and Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum were crafted to feel weightless on your skin. These products sink in effortlessly yet provide pro-grade ingredients and aging-well benefits. 

Let’s take a deep dive into our Eden line. 

Using a water-based serum helps your skin feel weightless while still being protected. Our Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum is a plant-powered stem cell serum that turns back signs of aging and enhances vitality. Harness the power of vegan stem cells to bring life back into your skin. Joanna’s Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum will visibly improve skin’s radiance and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and the full spectrum signs of aging. Oily skin types should look for something water-based, with hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin. 

Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer is a lightweight hydrator that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and promotes skin's youthful vitality. Joanna crafted this pro-grade moisturizer to address the full spectrum signs of aging. Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer will power your radiance while giving you a daily boost of skin-loving hydration. Moisturizers are great for delivering moisture to your skin, but hydration isn’t enough to truly improve the quality of your skin. You need a moisturizer that will help strengthen the elastic fibers within the skin, promote cell regeneration, and increase collagen production. 

Many people seek out a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. While applying SPF is a must in your beauty routine, be aware that SPF can’t really exist effectively in a moisturizer because SPF sits on top of your skin while moisturizer penetrates your epidermis. That is one of the reasons you should always use a separate sun protectant in addition to and after moisturizer. 

Stay glowing this summer with our new Eden products!