Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing
The Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush

Dry skin is often a telltale sign of the change in seasons, but it doesn’t have to be! Dry brushing – the mechanical exfoliation of the skin using a dry, stiff-bristled brush – is an excellent way to soothe parched skin in preparation for summer and can even help with a myriad of other skin issues that we all face year-round!

From reducing dead skin cells to helping with the appearance of skin and supporting digestion, dry brushing the skin once a day can have major benefits on your overall skin health. At its core, dry brushing aids in stimulating the lymphatic system (the network of tissue and organs responsible for collecting and transporting waste and toxins from the body), helping to increase blood flow throughout the body. With an increase of blood flow comes an increase in the plumpness of the skin, minimizing the appearance of cellulite and other lumps-and-bumps you might be concerned about. Additionally, brushing the skin while it’s dry allows the skin to be exfoliated without robbing it of moisture, as the hot water in the shower can do.

Now that you know the benefits of dry brushing, it’s time to try it out for yourself! Take a natural bristled brush (preferably one with a handle for ease of use) and stroke your limbs towards your heart using long fluid motions. Next, using circular motions, brush your back and torso, using extra sensitivity around the breasts, abdomen, and neck. Your body should feel slightly warm to the touch after brushing, due to increased circulation. Note: A few overlapping swipes per area should suffice (brushing time should only be about 20 seconds per day) – going overboard may damage the skin, leading to irritation or bleeding. Make sure to dry brush your entire body before showering (and follow up with moisturizer immediately after showering) to maximize results!

Looking for the perfect brush to start your dry brushing journey with? Try our new Ritual Brush! Made from natural materials, our Ritual Brush is safe for use on the entire body and even has a detachable brush head for added mobility. During your post-dry brush shower, use our new Ritual Bar – an invigorating green tea cleanser to help with circulation and leaves the skin clean, smooth, and glowing– to further stimulate and revive your skin! For a limited time, we’re offering the Ritual Bar and Brush as a bundle on our website! The Ritual Kit is the perfect combo for anyone looking to invigorate their skin and smooth away dead skin cells. For more information, click HERE.

Happy dry brushing!