Celebrity Skincare Secrets for the Oscars

celebrity skincare secrete
What are the top skincare secrets for the Oscars? Celebrity skincare gurus are casting their supreme facial spells on the illustrious visages of Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron, Rachel Weisz and many other A-list clients, for the biggest night in Hollywood: The Academy Awards aka The Oscars. Some of the best skincare spas in New York City and from all around the country are revealing their secrets and planning behind their much regaled celebrity facials. Top aestheticians are rolling out red carpet treatments that include various and sundry skincare apparatus that are, in some cases, shipped from New York to LA just for this annual occasion. LED light beds, skin rejuvenating microcurrent facials, and oxygen facials, infused with super-charged serums, are just a few of the treatments used to whip celebrity complexions into absolute perfection for the Oscars. These celebrity skincare appointments are a most covert operation carried out in secrecy right up to the day of the Academy Awards. Edible skincare? Some tasty organic skincare will line the gift bags of Oscar’s attendees this year. There is a line of edible skincare out of Nashville, Tennessee that’s getting a lot of attention at this year’s Awards ceremony. The products tout age-defying abilities using only ingredients that agree with the palate and the skin. Scrubs, cleansers and scrubs are all edible and Hollywood’s finest gets a gourmet sample to maintain their fresh-faced glow. Some of the top skincare celebrity choices for the Oscars are: 1) products not tested on animals 2) Have Neroli essential oil as an anti-aging calming ingredient 3) Include Rosehip oil for flawless complexion 4) Pamper the skin with organic deep cleansing facials and ultra-hydrating moisturizers. The skincare “don’ts” just before the Oscars… There are some skincare treatments celebrities generally avoid right before the Academy Awards. The side effects and recovery time of these procedures show easily on the face if they occur before a major event. Swelling, redness and other undesirable results are what no Hollywood star would be foolish enough to grace the stage sporting. Botox Laser Facials Chemical Peels These are all treatments celebrities in the know avoid on the final days leading up to the Oscars. Smart choice! The stars choose top shelf restorative and conditioning skincare to look beyond extraordinary for this annual event. Obviously no rock will be left unturned in the pursuit for absolute skin perfection and unparalleled radiance for this year’s red carpet extravaganza.>>>