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Celebrity Skin Care Secrets That Might Surprise You

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets That Might Surprise You
Huffington Post, about celebrity beauty secrets, "They never look haggard or drawn, even when they're running errands or driving around town. So how do celebrities manage to get that natural, everyday glow? We've got 10 celebrity skin secrets that might surprise you. I picked a few of my favorites but I also provided the link so you can see all of them for yourself. Gwyneth Paltrow
Rihanna With her relentless touring schedule and non-stop commitments, you'd assume Rihanna's healthy skin was the work of some miracle cream that somehow erases any signs of fatigue. Not so, says the star. She told InStyle Magazine that her amazing skin is down to two key elements, "Water and rest for my skin -- which helps the elasticity." Although, being 23 also helps with the elasticity. I have written whole newsletters on the benefits of sleep and water for your skin. Sleep repairs your skin and water aids in detoxification and the carrying of nutrients to it. Blake Lively Is the first to admit that being a celebrity can be hard on your skin. But she has a solution: "What I do for a living, really, is wear makeup and have my hair done. Patricia Wexler's face wash completely cleared up my skin," she told MSN Lifestyle. A face wash? This is just too easy but the beginning of a flawless complexions starts with the right facial cleanser. This step prepares your skin for all others and is the simplest trick to consistently clear skin. Use it nightly and you'll see a huge improvement in how your skin looks. Try my Vitamin C Face Wash as the first step needed to amplify your skincare routine and give you the skin you always wanted. Miranda Kerr As one of the world's most beautiful women, everyone pays attention when Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr dishes out beauty advice. Her latest addiction? "I love getting oxygen facials. That's my new thing," she admitted to Us Magazine. Oxygen facials, in which a mist of pure oxygen is used during the facial to rejuvenate and regenerate skin, have since become a popular service at spas across the world. This is what Allure Says about my Oxygen Purifying Facial. "Vargas's skin-care approach is similarly holistic, using all-organic products, antioxidant-spiked serums, and a stream of pure oxygen... Her lotions felt whisper-weight and silky, not thick or sticky, afterward, our skin was calm, clear, and healthy-looking." The secret to a flawless complexion starts with a workable skincare routine and it is consistency in its application that will give you the results you want. I look forward to seeing you soon at the salon where you will be dazzled by how great your skin looks. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350. If you are a first time client GET $50 off and if you can't make it to NYC then check out my highly effective skin care line by going to my online store. Sincerely, JOANNA VARGAS Joanna Vargas Skin Care >>>

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