Celeb Most-Booked Treatments

Celeb Most-Booked Treatments

It's no secret, Joanna Vargas Spas are the go-to facial salons for celebrities of all ages. Joanna became a celeb-favorite facialist early in her career, and all of our estheticians are trained to give all clients a VIP treatment with each service. 

It's currently awards season, and we've been responsible for many of the faces you're seeing on the red carpet this year. It’s the biggest time of the year for red-carpets, acceptance speeches, and of course afterparties!

We put together the top 4 services being booked this month by our celebrity clients:

1. Triple Crown Facial: For the celeb who needs instant hydration and lifting without botox. This also happens to be our #1 facial at both our NYC and our LA locations for the instant benefits with zero downtime. Celebs (or anyone) can go straight from the spa into hair/makeup with out waiting for inflammation to die down. 
2. Oxygen Purifying Facial: For the celeb who needs to decongest skin and smooth out tone & texture to look flawless without extra makeup. Breakouts disappear and any splotchy skin is magically evened out. 
3. Double Happiness: A body treatment to smooth every inch of the body below the neck, for barely-there dress moments. A diamond-tipped wand removes any flaky, dry skin from the shoulders down, followed with a glow-boosting moisture treatment for magazine-ready paparazzi shots. 
4. Oxygen Purifying Back Facial: Backne be gone! This facial for your back will make sure there’s no backne in sight. A lot of external factors can contribute to backne - including working out, itchy winter sweaters, traveling, and even sleeping in hotel beds. Treat your back as good as your face with this amazing treatment.

Need to break out of the winter and get yourself red-carpet ready? Book your day of beauty at our NYC or LA locations.