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Can Salt Benefit Your Skin And Your Health

Can Salt Benefit Your Skin And Your Health
Below I will share my thoughts on salt and how we can use it safely and share a recipe for a homemade salt scrub so read on. My friend and her daughter have inspired me to write this article on salt as they have begun swimming in a saltwater pool at their local spa in Oregon. They go on a weekly basis for the exercise but also because they feel that this new healthy ritual will ultimately benefit their skin. Many people that I know have over the years converted their pools to a saltwater solution. Their main concern have been their families and though the initial expense can be great they felt it was the healthier choice to make. They like the comfort of knowing that their pool environment is safer and that they are avoiding the harshness of chlorine filled pool. Saltwater pools, according to them is a more natural approach and is safer on our skin and hair. The reason of course is that they do not use the harsh chlorine chemical tablets used to eliminate bacteria from the water. Many of the top spas from around the country and the world proclaim that their saltwater pools come with the added benefit of incredible relaxation, that your skin will not dry out like it normally does with chlorinated pools as it helps the body maintain it's PH levels. And that this is a pastime we can all enjoy for better health all year round. Of course salt is an essential mineral and part of our diet and somehow it has gotten a bad rap. The reason is that some table salts have been stripped of their natural elements and therefore are not as healthy. This is why we have to be mindful of how we replace salt as an essential component of our being. While ingesting salt can cause problems with blood pressure in the long run it serves as a splendid exfoliant and polish for the skin. When combined with organic tea tree to create a paste, fine Baleine sea salt from France, actually heals dry scalp and decreases dreaded dandruff when applied directly to the affected areas of your scalp. But please rinse thoroughly afterward. Dead Sea salt can be used as a scrub, NOT in your favorite cuisine, and in particular has 80 minerals that are essential if your goal is healthy skin. Not only does sea salt cleanse skin better than soap, it can also stimulate blood circulation, and it also removes toxins and opens pores so that your skin can breathe with ease. Another added bonus: it firms and strengthens skin tissue for a visibly youthful look. Another miraculous salt is the Himalayan crystal salt and it contains over 84 elements that are found in the body and it has been dubbed the purest salt on Earth. This salt can be also used on your favorite foods. When I make home made scrubs I prefer this salt over others. This salt is over 250 million years old and many spas use it in their scrubs because of their 84 nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals that heal, rejuvenate and relax the mind. Try this salt scrub recipe at home and it will give you the gift of healthy skin that everyone will appreciate. YOUR SALTY SCRUB RECIPE: Use the salt that you prefer the most but NOT table salt. Be sure to start with a cup of Himalayan Crystal Salt or Baleine Sea Salt or Dead Sea Salt. (You can choose fine or coarse, although I prefer fine salt). Next you add a half cup of either organic grape seed or sweet almond oil or my favorite organic extra virgin coconut oil. Lastly you can choose your favorite essential oil. I prefer lemongrass but you can try others like rosemary or lavender and add 5-10 drops. You can throw in a sprig of stimulating organic rosemary and pour the mixture into your loveliest container. Then scrub away to softer polished radiant skin!]>>

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