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Better Then A Body Scrub Spa Treatment

Better Then A Body Scrub Spa Treatment
Full body exfoliation is usually done as a body scrub spa treatment and the end result is smooth skin. Skin care expert Joanna Vargas created her version of a body exfoliator for glowing skin all over. This is specially great for summer months when we all show lots of skin. InStyle filmed this interview giving you the skinny on what is is, how is done and what you will get as a result. body scrub spa What It Does: Sure you can try a coffee body scrub but why do it manually when the Full Body Microdermabrasion by Joanna Vargas is done with a high tech microdermabrasion machine. It will be more effective in exfoliating dead skin, impurities and helps over time to eliminate damaged skin. It will visibly improve scaly dry skin and so forth. This skincare treatment uses a state of the art diamond-tipped wand in order to give you silky smooth skin that is super hydrated and ready to be shown. See the video below. To make your appointments in New York City please call 212.949.2350 or email us at To make your appointments in Los Angeles please call 310.424.5141 or email us at ]>>

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