Better skin, fast!

Better skin, fast!

From the salon to the comfort of your own home, we share beauty rituals that can be performed during your lunch break or afternoon pick me up. Treat yourself to a quick in-salon service and stock up on skincare essentials for your beauty vanity at home.

Coffee-Break Treatments

These in-salon treatments are performed in 30 minutes or less.

  • Sleeping Beauty: A rejuvenating wellness power nap that begins with a sweep of facial microdermabrasion and oxygen-serum application to the face. We finish off the treatment with a collagen-boosting LED light bed session for smoother, hydrated and firmer appearance from head-to-toe.
  • Scalp Treatment: Treat your strands to a head massage to release and decrease stress levels, stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth.
  • The Jet-Setter: Tired, sore and stiff? A mini neck and shoulder massage can help reduce pain, tighten the appearance of the skin and boost wellness so you can go back to work feeling brand new.
  • Emsculpt: A non-invasive treatment that uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to build muscle and tone the body. Each treatment crunches the abdomen 20,000 times in just thirty minutes. Work out, sweat free! Available only in our NYC salon.

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Quick At-Home Fixes

Invest in these products to see instant brightness, hydration and more.