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Best Vitamin C Serum By Celeb Facialist Joanna Vargas

Best Vitamin C Serum By Celeb Facialist Joanna Vargas
antioxidant properties of vitamin C, when added to your daily skincare routine, has been proven to provide a range of benefits that will revitalize your complexion. Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas wanted to truly create the best vitamin c serum that would assist in evening out your skin tone, shielding your skin from the visible impacts of pollution, significantly improving hydration, and keeping your skin looking younger, longer! This face serum is specially key for keeping your skin glowing during the winter months. This is what New Beauty had to say about the Rescue Serum. best_vitamin_c_serum Source: New Beauty By Liz Ritter Why a Celeb Facialist Is Calling This New Product Your Best Anti-Aging Defense Visiting celebrity facialist and skin care expert Joanna Vargas before a big event is practically a "must-do" in Hollywood. So when she launches a new product, it's time for all of us commoners to make a break to purchase it—even if we don't have a regular rotation on the red carpet. Up this month: her new Rescue Serum ($150), a nonsticky, concentrated vitamin C product that's both super hydrating and super powerful on the war against everything from excess oil and uneven skin pigmentation to redness and flakiness. You May Also Like: This Common Skin Care Ingredient Could Extend Your Life The secret, as Vargas says, is the potent antioxidant of vitamin C, which she considers "your best bet for a youthful look." (Bonus: This version is even tolerable for the most sensitive skin types who can't always handle the ingredient, and the formula goes on almost like a watery, soaks-right-in primer under makeup.) "Vitamin C is the cornerstone of great, glowing skin. It can technically cure any cell mutation, and frankly, that’s what we all complain about when we look at sun damage!" she says. "It has the power to protect skin against the sun and pollution we face daily and will repair existing damage in the skin." Consider your skin rescued and ready for the big know, just in case the red carpet calls.]>>

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