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Best Skincare Products For Your Gym Bag

Best Skincare Products For Your Gym Bag
Exercising is a sure-fire way to make your skin glow! When exercising regularly, your skincare regimen should be slightly modified to go with your new routine. Careful attention must be placed on keeping the pores clean and clear, and removing excess oil and sweat that can begin to pile up on the skin. Take a look at our list of Joanna Vargas gym bag essentials! Vitamin C Face Wash created with some of the most powerful antioxidants known – Acai and Goji berry with a mixture of citrus oils – our Vitamin C Face Wash removes buildup and makeup without drying it out. Additionally, the Vitamin C component of our face wash helps to neutralize attacks from environmental factors that threaten an otherwise clear and youthful complexion, while the hyaluronic acid component (which is known for holding nearly 1,000 times its weight in water!) further hydrates the skin. Crafted to gently purify and detoxify the skin, our Vitamin C Face Wash will leave you with a smooth and luminous complexion that will turn heads on your way out of the gym! Miracle Bar If you are unfamiliar with the Miracle Bar, just know that it remains a favorite among our clients and a staple to the JV Skincare collection. The magic ingredient behind this powerful cleanser is charcoal and the most detoxifying cleanser in our collection. If acne or sweat are a concern, this is the ultimate bar soap for you. Use this on the face and body after a long workout to ensure that your pores remain dirt and grime-free! The fact that all our bar soaps can be used on face and body is a major bonus, because not all soaps can be used for both. In fact, Joanna says using a body wash or soap on your face that is only intended for the body is one of the worst things you can do for your skin because it strips your face of its natural oils. Our bar soaps are also free of harmful ingredients that are commonly found in cleansing products. Daily Serum In terms of the complete Joanna Vargas skin care line, the Daily Serum is our cult skincare product. Created using a combination of high-potency antioxidants, vitamins, and skin-brightening elements, our Daily Serum is a revitalizing, fast-acting multivitamin for your skin. Often referred to as her “daily green juice for the face,” our Daily Serum is one of Joanna’s favorites from the line and is packed with a ton of incredible ingredients to help clarify and restore the skin. This is the perfect moisturizer for someone who wants to make sure their moisture barrier is protected but doesn’t want to slather on a bunch of products after a long day. Use after cleansing both day and night, and follow up with a cream-based moisturizer if you’d like an added dose of hydration. Another great way to treat your skin and body after a workout is to book an appointment at one of our salons for our LED Light Bed! To learn more about LED Light Therapy, click HERE.]>>

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