Beauty Editor Picks For The Holidays 2015

Beauty Editor Picks For The Holidays 2015 By Danielle Odiamar What Beauty Editors Want for the Holidays Beauty editors experience the enviable benefit of free samples all year round, but that doesn't mean they don't want to be spoiled during the holidays. In fact, we asked seven editors from our favorite publications to share their wish lists and it's clear that they all are hoping for some pampering (three of them requested facials). Read on to discover some great products, tools, accessories and even a jade face roller that you can add to your wish list, too. Phillip Picardi: Senior Beauty Editor, Refinery29
Thinking about a facial with Joanna Vargas. Photo: Leslie Kirchoff Thinking about a facial with Joanna Vargas. Photo: Leslie Kirchoff
As a beauty editor, I've assembled a sort of hodge podge of makeup brushes - usually we get one or two when new styles launch, or we get mini kits from holiday gift sets. But, all I want in my life right now is an absolutely immaculate brush set that I can proudly display on my vanity in a very chic holder. It would also be helpful if said brushes could travel easily, since I'm always on the go. Kevyn Aucoin's are some of my absolute favorites in the industry - this is a beautiful assortment that will have me set for life. I'm too scared to call it in because of the outrageous price tag, but I'm not too scared to ask for it from my loving mother. I hope she's reading this. Frederic Malle Perfume Guns: Mr. Malle's Perfume Guns are genius inventions - one spritz instantly envelops the entire room in a halo of beautiful scent...which is especially ideal considering I order takeout for every meal. Joanna Vargas Skincare: The best gift anyone can give is that of perfect skin in a pampering, unpretentious, totally safe space with a woman who rocks. Joanna is one of my favorite people in the entire industry, and every time I leave her bed, I feel like both my face and my heart have lifted. A facial with her is a treasure that everyone with a cool $400 to burn should experience. Le Premier Parfum from Bycoolife: When I met with Pauline Rochas (yes, of THAT Rochas) and Carole Beaupré, two effortlessly chic French women, they told me that wearing "Le Premier Parfum" would get me lucky. I doubted them at first, but they handed me a sample vial, so I sprayed it before a first date. After I left him, I was a little disappointed things didn't go as the ladies promised, but then I quite literally bumped into an old flame on the street on my walk home. The rest of that story is definitely not safe to print here, but please be assured that I will be investing in a full-sized bottle in the hopes that more adventures await. Simone Kitchens: Deputy Beauty Editor, Glamour
Photo: Nicole Benuska for Waiting for Saturday Photo: Nicole Benuska for Waiting for Saturday
Tom Ford Matte Lipstick in Black Dahlia: My all-time favorite winter lip is something berry-dark and stain-like. Tom Ford's new matte lipsticks are perfect for blotting on without a mirror. A Facial with Joanna Vargas: Joanna Vargas is a wizard when it comes to skin. And her Triple Crown facial is the way to go: It involves a little bit of microdermabrasion, micro-current for toning, then a healing mask afterward. You leave looking like the best possible version of yourself: glowy and rested. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist: Hair perfumes usually feel just like that (perfumey and too strong), but this one from Frederic Malle comes off fresh-even if you're working with second-day hair. The scent is long-lasting, but not overpowering; think the prettiest, most subtle hint of tuberose Emily Dougherty: Beauty Director, Elle
Photo: Courtesy Emily Dougherty Photo: Courtesy Emily Dougherty