Beach Body Secrets for Smooth, Glowy Skin

Beach Body Secrets for Smooth, Glowy Skin

The best accessory for your summer wardrobe? Soft, smooth skin from head-to-toe. Here, three easy ways to flaunt your beach bod!


Brush up

Dry brushing is one of the easiest things to incorporate into your beauty routine. A long brush like our Ritual Brush allows you to sweep away dead skin cells in those hard-to-reach spots. To do it yourself, start at the feet and brush upwards towards your heart using firm, small strokes or move in a circular motion. Dry brushing should always be gentle and never break the skin. Spend three to five minutes exfoliating your body before hopping in the shower.

Have a foam party in the shower

You spent a couple of minutes brushing your bod now it's time to give your skin a deep cleanse with our Miracle Bar. This two-in-one bar soap contains charcoal, shea butter, and olive oil all of which help to smooth, hydrate and nourish. Suds your face and body up by working the soap into a lather with tepid water to detox skin, clear blemishes and reduce the size of your pores. It's non-drying, super moisturizing and soothes irritated skin for even the most sensitive.

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Get your bronze on

The final step into scoring a beach body is perfecting your sun-kissed complexion with an all-natural sunless tan application. Both of our NYC + LA salons offer a sunless spray tan service which is customizable to go as light or dark as you'd like. Our solution is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and made with all-natural ingredients to craft a beautiful bronze with no sun damage required!