Ballancer Pro Benefits

Ballancer Pro Benefits

The Ballancer Pro is a medical machine that was originally developed to treat lymphatic problems that caused swelling and lymph build-up. 

However, it’s become a popular treatment outside of hospitals and has been approved by the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Anniston for its many health and beauty benefits. In fact, you may have seen the picture of Aniston zipped up in the device – that looks a little like inflatable ski salopettes – circulating on social media.

Dr Sophie Shotter, an aesthetic doctor, who offers Body Ballancer at her clinic says that it can boost the immune system, aid relaxation, improve sleep, speed up recovery after exercise and help promote a healthier gut, all of them essential for beautiful skin. 

In addition to these benefits it can reduce water and generally help to contour the body. Hence why many A-listers will book this transformative treatment in the days leading up to a red-carpet event.

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