Awards Season Go-To's

Awards Season Go-To's

Our favorite season is here, and we’ve been busy getting some of the top faces ready for the red carpet. Even with everyone’s unique skin concerns, there’s still a go-to facial that celebrities request year after year: The Triple Crown Facial.

It’s our #1 facial for both on and off the red carpet for a reason:

  • Instantly gives you a glow that lasts days
  • Lifts your skin and muscles without needles
  • Smooths your complexion with no redness or down time

Put aging on pause without going under the knife. Set your Triple Crown Facial appointments to monthly and enjoy a jaw-dropping complexion on your own red carpet.

The glam-up treatments don't stop at the chin. Every year, we are seeing more and more focus on body treatments for both instant gratification and long-term benefits. Our top body treatments for the 2023 awards season have been:

1. SuperNova Body: This fan-favorite service includes:

  • a full body glycolic-rich aqua peel that gently removes dead skin cells and softens the surface
  • nourishing body oil that calms the skin after exfoliation
  • full body cryotherapy that soothes inflammation, reduces redness and tightens the skin
  • a brightening oxygen treatment to infuses the skin with a special blend of green tea, vitamin, aloe and hyaluronic acid serum to nourish the skin

2. Ballancer Pro: Choose from your upper or lower body to:

  • Cleans  toxins
  • move waste OUT of your body
  • flush out metabolic buildup
  • lower your acidic stress hormones (cortisol)

To de-puff before the big day, some celebs opted for a series of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massages, our Tone Up Massage. Expect double-duty results with our wildly popular Brazilian-style lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Result #1: Instant depuffing which can make you look slimmer and more toned
  • Result #2: Internal benefits from lymphatic drainage, including better blood flow, detoxification, healthier looking skin, and more!

Choose from a 30 minute focus on a certain area, or 60 minutes for a full-body treatment.


If you have a red-carpet moment coming up, or just want to slay everyday, book a day at Joanna Vargas New York or Los Angeles to treat yourself like a celebrity!