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Ancient African Skin Care Secrets

Ancient African Skin Care Secrets
You may find tales of how people there have protected and decorated their body and hair with clays, natural vegetable dyes, bone, stone and shell. You may learn of how the very earth is one with their bodies. A sense of all natural things being sacred permeates this land and a primal instinct is reawakened reminding you of your place in the food chain. All the while you may think of ways to apply some of these phenomenally nutrient abundant ancient remedies exclusively from this land to your own body worship rituals. Keep in mind as you hunt for some of these natural, perhaps wild crafted, botanic ingredients that the sources are limited since some of these plant sources are found in specific regions of the African continent. Once you have felt the instant healing in the pores of your skin from some of these plants, you are likely to be a greater skeptic of the average chemical laden skin care products on local store shelves. Black Soap This African soap is made of peels of plantain (a known anti-inflammatory for skin), and Shea butter, among other varied natural African botanicals. It is used as a natural cleanser for hair and skin that serves as known reliable remedy for acne, eczema, psoriasis and skin inflammation. From all reports it is regaled as the ultimate soap that can be found in bulk by the many fans in the virtual world. The glowing reviews claim black soap to bring brilliant radiance to the tresses and the glorious canvas that we sport as our skin. The soap originates in Ghana as “Anago,” a softer version of the soap, and in Nigeria as a more solid variety known as Dudu-osun. Buchu Also known as Agothosma betulina, the leaves and roots of this South African plant can be applied topically to heal bruised skin and relieve rheumatic pain. It can also be used to strengthen the body, enhance skin health and boost immunity. Buchu is rich in calcium and iron, among other nutrients, and is recognized as a powerful inhibitor against oxidative skin damage by the Immunology Department at Stellen Bosch University. Rooibos Pronounced “royboss,” this potent antioxidant plant is an anti-allergen found exclusively in South Africa that can significantly minimize the symptoms of allergies in skin when imbibed as a red bush tea. The abundant antioxidant content in Rooisbos can protect skin against environmental free radicals and toxins. This plant is also known to treat skin conditions such as inflammation, rashes, eczema and dermatitis. There is an overwhelming treasure trove of vegetable and clay products sourced from the massive African continent for miracle skin care—far too many to name here. As you consciously journey on your quest toward rejuvenated healthy skin consider the ancient remedies of a continent that has offered age-defying botanicals evident in the skin of people who have endured the elements through the ages.]>>

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