An Oxygen-Infused Spa Day

An Oxygen-Infused Spa Day

“I do oxygen treatments after every facial in both my salons, and I can promise you that I see massive results in all of my clients.” - Joanna Vargas

When your skin gets enough oxygen, it functions better - increasing cell turnover and producing more collagen to look smoother and younger. Treat your face and body to the iconic Joanna Vargas glow with our oxygen-infused treatments.

Oxygen Purifying Facial: Uses professional-grade oxygen to plump and hydrate the skin. It also gently erases dull skin and fine lines leaving skin silky smooth with a renewed radiance. This treatment is perfect for anyone currently experiencing congestion, acne, and overall dullness. Plus the oxygen feels so good!

Oxygen Purifying Back Facial: Show off your back with a glow as flawless as your face with the Joanna Vargas Oxygen Purifying Back Facial. Just like our famous facial, but for your back. Clear blackheads, breakouts, large pores, splotchy and rough skin. The results include smooth, soft, and clarified skin.

The Joanna Vargas difference includes a custom 98% pure oxygen serum to bring out your best skin. These treatments are perfect for anyone seeing pigmentation, acne, scarring, and visible redness on their face or back. Oxygen Purifying treatments will smooth out your skin to an even, consistent glowing tone.

And only in NYC, you can book a session in our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber: Each relaxing session will embed you in 98% pure oxygen from head to toe. It's an extra 60 minutes to yourself before heading back into the world - the action of an Oxygen Chamber is to heal from within. Just breathe in and let the oxygen do the work.

“Oxygen has proven benefits for the skin. If you get burned and go to a hospital, you are put in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. If you have a brain injury or if your body is in any type of distress, oxygen is administered. The reason for this is that oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function. It’s anti-inflammatory and provides a fresh and revitalized appearance. It’s also antibacterial.” - Joanna Vargas

Say hello to clarified and refreshed skin with Oxygen!

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