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5 Beauty And Skincare Uses for Honey

5 Beauty And Skincare Uses for Honey
skin softening properties, which makes it an ideal ingredient for homemade skincare products. Here are 5 beauty uses for honey. 1. Facial scrub Honey contains antibacterial properties that help to give the skin a thorough clean. Mix one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of ground almonds for a gentle exfoliating face scrub. Apply the mixture to your face using small circular motions, before rinsing off thoroughly with clean water. 2. Face mask Honey contains skin moisturizing and softening properties that can improve the condition of all skin types. Apply a thin layer of honey to your face and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove the honey mask with cleansing milk and rinse your face thoroughly with plenty of cold water. 3. Spot and acne treatment The antibacterial properties present in honey make it an excellent treatment for spots and acne. Use the honey as a topical treatment, applying a small amount to each spot or blackhead. For extra-strength acne treatment, mix one drop of tea tree essential oil with one teaspoon of honey, and then apply the mixture to individual spots with a cotton wool ball. 4. Hair rinse Honey gives your hair a beautiful shine and improves the overall condition of your locks. Dissolve two teaspoons of honey in 250ml of hot water and allow the mixture to cool. Use the honey water as a final rinse after washing your hair, and then give your hair one last rinse with a blast of cold water. 5. Mouthwash Honey contains antifungal and antibacterial properties to kill bacteria and germs that accumulate in the mouth. To make a natural mouthwash, mix one tablespoon of honey in a cup of hot water and allow the mixture to cool. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle and store in the refrigerator.]>>

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