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Your Skin Will Glow Like a Firefly

A spa must have the perfect setting and must strike a balance between top notch customer service and a relaxed environment. Joanna Vargas Skin Care meets those needs and brings to the table beyond organic skin care in synergy with the latest skin care technology. We get right to business without the yammering and manhandling facials you might have gotten in the past. You’ll walk out with clean, clear and glowing skin. Read Kelly Quan’s account of her experience at Joanna Vargas and see why you need to make your appointment now. For the Pumpkin Yam Enzyme Facial referred in the article below call, 212.949.2350.

By: Kelly Quan
October 2009

Get your Glow on: Joanna Vargas Skin Care

joannavargas1As most of you know I am always on the prowl for new skin care products and services. When it comes to practitioners and estheticians for treatments, I am not only looking to them to perform cutting edge beauty therapy but also to provide skin care that is good for you, both inside and out. While I know this may seem a bit confusing (You may be thinking…isn’t all skin care good for you?) this is not always the case. So I have spent considerable time and energy, testing driving all kinds of products that contain ingredients that promote good skin and overall health and have omitted the brands containing toxic ingredients that are known to contribute to all kinds of ailments– from hormonal displacement to contact dermatitis. These maladies are no longer rare, research tells us that, many beauty care ingredients contribute to the cause of these disorders.

I am always inspired when I come across someone who not only understands how this issue impacts our community and industry but does something about it. Enter Joanna Vargas, from her namesake spa, Joanna Vargas Skin Care. Located conveniently in midtown (which immediately got me thinking all about next season’s show week and how close in proximity Bryant Park is…hmmm, I could imagine slipping off for a quick facial rejuv!) In this small, yet intimate setting, Joanna has spent the last three years creating a perfect blend of hi-low spa environment where women can get a plethora of treatments that produce amazing results. She uses two organic driven skin care brands exclusively, Eminence from Hungary, and ila, an artisan skin care company base in the Cotswolds, U.K. Both offer a variety of products to suite every type of skin. While the product Joanna uses during her treatment sessions are organic and naturally based, don’t think for a minute she’s some kind of hippy, granola girl. You would be far wrong there. This tech savvy, stylish, beauty specialist doesn’t shy away from the sharp, cutting edge. In fact when she first took me into the spa suite, I was under the impression I had suddenly entered a very lux medical office, for all the equipment surrounding the spa bed! Yet Joanna strikes the perfect balance between modern advances in skin care rejuvenation and keeping it real (and pronounceable!) so her clients receive the benefit of both worlds.

She got right down to business with me, (and I had to admit that I was feeling just a little bit harried, having just gotten off a plane the day before, headed to a photo shoot, then a deadline for a writing assignment , and oh yeah, taking care of my two kids… I was kind of beat to say the least!) but her pleasant and calm manner put me at easy right away. I chose her Pumpkin Yam Enzyme Facial. This jammed-packed, 35 minute treatment gives a good bang for your buck (at and your time to boot!) It consists of a wonderful coconut milk cleanse, light micro dermabrasion , pumpkin/yam enzyme mask which tingled and awakened my skin, a red and LED light session (which took some getting used to but left me skin feeling warm afterward ) and finally, the Oxygen/vitamin infused skin blast. It felt a bit like being airbrushed with a bonus: She added floral water infused with vitamins and green tea to the oxygen blast to really rev up your complexion. One thing about this facial is you’ll never be bored or consider this the same old, same old, facial encounter. Joanna makes sure your experience feel as fresh and new as your skin looks when she’s all done. And for this busy career mom? I definitely plan on making this one of my regular beauty must’s. To book an appointment or for more information visit
Kelley Quan