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You Can Easily Treat Acne At Home

One of the fastest ways you can diminish acne and improve your skin is by washing it with a gentle cleanser. However, you should only do it twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep in order to remove the day’s grime and makeup.

And remember don’t over do this step as it could cause surface dryness and exacerbate the condition.

Exfoliating at home is another simple thing you can in order to help your body get rid of dead skin and grime that can otherwise clog your pores. Also exfoliating your skin will remove toxins that can otherwise cause breakouts.

Additionally, this step triggers the skin’s healing function and speeds cell turnover, giving your a fresher face to put forward. This step should never be done more than twice a week and once if your skin is really sensitive.

Lastly use a gentle exfoliant as harsh granules can dry the surface of the skin and thicken it making it harder to treat.

Professionally, you can do a few things, however, I always recommend a holistic approach. This includes a deep cleansing facial that uses organic skincare products and natural ingredients that will gentle remove surface dirt, exfoliate and remove excess oils and dead skin from pores.

This step will also add the correct skincare products to soothe and feed your skin the proper vitamins and minerals.

Another effective treatment is doing blue and red LED light therapy sessions. The blue light kills acne causing bacteria and the red light is very soothing and rids the skin of inflammation.

In my LED light therapy treatment, the VitaLight, I use 3 forms of light, the two mentioned above and infrared light as it builds collagen for the skin on a cellular level.

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