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Why is Sunless Tanning so Popular?

As the heat descended on the East Coast last week with record breaking temperatures, many people had a different outlook on outdoor summer leisure. The sweltering sun indelibly emits radiation, and aside from the heat exhaustion the effects on skin can be detrimental. Sunless tanning has become so popular because it gives a color boost while protecting the skin from damaging ultraviolet light.

Since skin cancer has been directly linked to UVA and UVB rays, then the most vigilant face care regime often requires professional facials for complete protection. Some of the best day spas in NYC feature sunless tan options as they understand the need to offer preventative skincare that preserves epidermal health from harmful UV rays.

How does sunless tanning protect skin?

A recent study found that of women surveyed between 18-71 years of age, 40% were less likely to sunbathe and preferred sunless tanning as an option. “Sun-worship” is now known to expedite the onset the visual signs of aging. This population is well-informed of the hazards of UV light and how to prevent the associated fine lines and wrinkles of maturing skin.

A natural boost of radiant color protects against UV rays making this sunless option safest for the skin. Serums and moisturizers enhance the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins that strengthen connective tissue. When you choose a golden glow sunless treatment, the visage is dramatically refined and toned with an enviably honey glow. Age-defying botanicals saturate the pores including beets, sugar cane and other vegetable sources when delivered through a gentle airbrush application.

The deep exfoliation of microdermabrasion kicks off the tanning treatment to facilitate removal of old skin tissue to reveal the opulence beneath. Potent antioxidants fend off free radical damage and the ravages of other environmental factors. Vitamins C and E included in this skincare treatment are vital for stimulating healthy cell turnover and moisture retention to slow the aging process. So the skin maintains a velvety smooth texture that is undeniably luminous. Hyaluronic acid naturally prevents the loss of hydration to reduce appearance of wrinkles and visible signs of maturing skin.

Are sunless tan treatments safe?

When performed by an experienced aesthetician at high end day spas, organic sunless tanning treatments are both safe and effective. Similar to the tan you achieve by sunbathing, the color will fade from daily shedding of upper dermal layers with a sunless tan. The major difference is the absence of irreversible damage that occurs with daily sun exposure. Based on scientific research, dermatologists acknowledge sunless tanning as the best alternative to UV assault due to intentional sun exposure that kills off epidermal cells over time. This full body application relaxes and nourishes to bolster the overall health of skin with nutrient-abundant organic products. Sunless tanning is a holistic solution to ravaging solar radiation, making it by far the most popular summer skincare treatment.

Antropia Luna writes health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC, otherwise, trekking the global art scene.