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What's Your Excuse for Not Using Sunscreen

Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy, youthful and prevent it from aging. However, most people don’t know how or why something works.

One of the most simple yet incredibly beneficial solutions you can do is to wear sunscreen.

657895_sSun protection is your key for AGELESS beauty and if done year round you will prevent most damage done by the sun.

“Good” Reasons Why You Won’t Use Sunscreen

1) It makes my face shiny 2) Sunscreen breaks me out 3) I have sensitive skin 4) Sunscreen is messy with make-up 5) I don’t see any damage

The sun’s damage to your skin is never apparent until years later. Therefore it is very easy to set up a pattern that will in the end give you age spots, lost elasticity, wrinkles and in its most dangerous form, skin cancer.

According to a survey done by Coppertone nearly half of the respondents admitted to not wearing any sunscreen at all.

There is no way to avoid the sun but there are ways to prevent its damaging effects or repair them after a summer at the beach.

Using a sunscreen all year round, no matter what your age, will help you prevent further damage to your skin but it will also allow your skin to repair itself.

A good sunscreen will help minimize dark spots, wrinkles, lost elasticity and old, tired looking skin. The best defense against sun damage is PREVENTION.

Solution: A lightweight mineral sunscreen can be used daily and can be used even by people with sensitive skin.

And for a day at the beach use a big umbrella and a sunscreen with sufficient SPF to give you proper protection for a whole day of fun.

Smart sun protection will allow you to enjoy the outdoors or a beach vacation. Take precautions and you will have AGELESS, beautiful skin now and in the future.

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