Skin Care

Water The Life-Giving Elixir

You’ve heard more times than you can count how beneficial water is for healthy skin. Some contest the 8 glasses per day prescription for sufficient hydration, but adequate amounts of H2O are undeniably essential for balanced toned skin that reduces the onset of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

Internal Body Benefits

Through your daily water-drinking rituals you are able to flush toxins from your system with an internal cleanse. Like any effective cleanser it removes the build up of waste throughout your body releasing all that blocks hydration and inhibits cell growth. Like the wilted flower that gets a good watering in the dawn of the hottest day, your body stands stronger with the moisture water provides. All the produce we eat is comprised of this life-giving elixir. Most of the beverages we consume daily have water as their base, some more than others. Without it we cannot survive. With insufficient amounts, dehydrated we wither and the telltale signs show on our outermost layer—our skin.

This magic potion also supports healthy metabolism, naturally reducing stored fat in our bodies and skin tissue with every serving. In order for the liver and kidney’s to function at full capacity, eliminating waste and toxins, adequate water intake is necessary. As a result of dehydration those organs are overloaded and your energy levels decrease. Water helps nutrients flow through your body efficiently for the nourishment and regeneration of cells. Muscles are less likely to cramp and joints are well lubricated with each glass of water you drink. As you might have guessed, reduced internal bodily performance affects overall health and, finally, the appearance of your skin.

External Skin Benefits

We all wash, bathe, and shower our bodies and skin as part of our daily hygiene rituals. Nothing else will clean or rinse the skin quite like water. It’s been a loving, relaxing, purifying experience from the first bathing ceremony known to humankind. It is undeniably the most profound connection we share with the elements. Water keeps us alive. And yet, it’s easily taken for granted. But at the first signs of slack elasticity, creases and wrinkles in our skin, we somehow remember this vital liquid element. When we glimpse the chapped, flaky scales on our bodies we do a mental count of how much water we drank that day. As we sweat in our active lives we think to replenish all that is lost through our pores. In those unrushed moments when we opt for a horizontal relaxed bath over a quick shower, we reconsider the therapeutic qualities of water.

And what cream or butter will we apply to our skin following that bath to retain the heavenly moisture that only water can truly provide? By simply replacing depleted moisture to our bodies and skin we can noticeably minimize dryness, wrinkles, acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea. These skin conditions have nagging symptoms, but are easily soothed when we recall the prime remedy. We restore and maintain overall good health with sufficient amounts of life-giving water. So the next time you crave a latte, have a glass of water instead—the results are filled with youthful promise.