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Tim Morehouse Gets A Facial

Tim Morehouse is an Olympic Silver Medalist in fencing from the 2008 Beijing Games. In order to continue his dream and achieve Olympic Gold Mr. Morehouse shares his Olympic story at schools and corporations and seeks sponsorships to achieve his 2012 Olympic Dream.

He recently visited celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas in New York City and was surprised to find out that a host of athletes like to visit her as well. See below for the full story.

Source: Tim Morehouse
March 20, 2009

NBA athletes, ultimate fighting championship participants (really!), actors and celebrities have all ventured to the office of Joanna Vargas’s for her renowned facials…

And now so has one Olympic fencer…getting one for the first time!

I had no idea what to expect going in except that my friend Danica Lo told me to brace for the fact that the pore cleaning part might be painful.

My description will probably provoke laughter from anyone who gets these regularly, but my facial involved a lot of different creams, the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner for the face to remove dead skin, some serious pore cleaning and a massage of the face. The pore cleaning wasn’t as bad as I expected. Whew!

My face literally felt lighter once she was done!

To top it off, Joanna is a former foil fencer who use to train at the old Fencers Club with the late Olympic Coach Csaba Elthes. FENCERS ARE EVERYWHERE! (and don’t forget it!)

I got a basic facial since it was my first time, but Joanna’s newest facial, the Red Rose Purifying Facial is expected to be featured in Vogue in May. Here’s what one MTV editor wrote this week on her fashion blog after experiencing this facial – http://fashionbinge.blogspot.com/2009/03/bridal-beauty-binge-please-get-yourself.html

If you want to experience the facial that keeps the celebs coming back for more you can make an appointment at her website: www.joannavargas.com

Also, special thanks to my friend Sammie Becker who helped set up my complimentary experience! THANK YOU SAMMIE!