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I’m a guest blogger at “The Style Glossy”, beauty blog. I hope you take the time to go and read my first article on how to, Avoid the Most Common Skin Care Mistakes.

Here is an excerpt and the link to follow to clean, clear and glowing skin.

Everyone asks me the same question: How can I get clear, glowing skin? It’s not as hard as it may seem, even for those who have “problem” skin. Fixing a few common skin care mistakes will transform your complexion immediately!

Bad Diet: First-time clients sometimes arrive with a sallow-looking complexion and dark circles under their eyes. Many are unhappy about the way their skin looks, but they don’t connect their eating habits as a cause. When we eat foods that lack nutritional value, the body reacts by pushing the toxins out via the skin. Eat veggies with every meal if you are breaking out and cut out carbohydrates like bread and pasta if your skin looks dull. Read the full article.