Skin Care

The Look Of Healthy Skin

The skin is a living organ that is bombarded by pollution and the sun. It is also minimally assailed internally by free radicals. This means that your skin is constantly changing in order to meet the environmental and internal challenges.

Beautiful woman with perfect skin

So if you have a bad skin day you can see that your skin is going through quite a lot on any given day. However, there are ways to know and to help your skin to do better and the first thing to know is, how to tell if your skin is healthy or not.

Healthy skin looks and feels beautiful, no secret there, but it also heals quickly and responds well to proven skincare routines. When I see how fast a client’s skin heal I know I will see amazing results as well.

This is one of the hallmarks of healthy skin as the person has the building blocks necessary to reverse damaged skin. All they need usually is the right skincare advice and a proven routine that works in order to get that new skin to glow.

Another aspect of healthy skin is, your skin texture. Usually a person’s skin texture will be smooth and supple and appear properly moisturized. The skin will be firm and cushiony and have an overall healthy glow. Attaining this standard just like anything worthwhile will take some slight discipline.

All you need is an at home skincare routine that really works and tweaking it as needed with professional visits. If you need help with either one call Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City and GET a free consultation and I’m sure your skin will love you for it. Call for your appointments NOW at 212/949.2350.

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