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The Fastest Path to Improved Elasticity

As we get older, say about 40, the skin begins to feel tighter in the areas where our faces are most expressive due to aging. This is the tightening that happens when elastin production slackens—not the taut youthful variety. With an oversaturated market of skin care products that claim to boost elasticity it can be difficult to navigate which truly enhance elastin proteins with reliable speed. However, natural face care products of celebrity skin care guru Joanna Vargas, will make it easier to rule out average options in favor of high-quality products that put your skin on the fastest path to youthful radiance.

The two age-reversing serums, the first for younger skin is the Daily Serum. The second one is for mature skin, the Rejuvenating Serum. Both of these products actually stimulate and build both elastin and collagen proteins for visibly ageless appearance.

They can also be used alternatively one in the morning and the other one at night. And when these nourishing serum are applied daily after cleansing and exfoliating, you can expect immediate results, in a natural manner that seems effortless by the end of your face care routine.

What is a skin multi-vitamin?

The Daily Serum puts your skin in the closest proximity to acquiring the maximum healthy glow associated with a daily dose of nutritious green juice, from which it was inspired. It has powerful minerals magnesium, potassium and zinc for peak lymphatic system performance. As a skin multi-vitamin this light formula elixir keeps the face optimally hydrated for noticeable improved elasticity in minimal time.

Rich hyaluronic acid bolsters moisture absorption and retention to ensure elastin function. As skincare Guru Joanna Vargas and her satisfied celebrity clients can attest to, regular use of this reinvigorating potion is the fastest way to acquire and maintain a fresh-faced appearance. These other key ingredient will speed up the bounce in your skin:

Vitamin C citrus oils fortify the skin against harm from free radicals

Oat grass nourishes with lush nutrients for ageless vibrancy

What factors deplete elastin proteins?

According to Joanna Vargas, because “the sun could be robbing your skin of nutrients” it can also deplete elastin proteins. Taking into consideration that production of this vital component of connective tissue slows after age 30; the Rejuvenating Serum was specifically formulated to reverse these signs of maturing skin. It rapidly repairs dermal tissue and restores resilience while protecting “against pollution, stress and sun damage.” When applied every day the face is “rosy, dewy and bright” with unparalleled elasticity.

The finest natural oils such as Argan and neroli, that have been used historically to expedite reduction of fine line and wrinkles, are featured in this youth-enhancing serum. As cells become more buoyant the skin has complete flexibility common in the under 30 crowd. In addition the face receives these other ‘spring chicken’ benefits…

Fatty acids deeply saturate cells for a soft smooth complexion

Olive oil rich in vitamin E that prevents de-hydration and inhibits the early arrival of aging skin.

These botanical and holistic ingredients in the sera have been clinically tested and proven to rapidly heal, nourish and promote enduring radiance. Your dedication in using these natural products as part of a skincare regime delivers unsurpassed luminosity with reliable speed.

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