Best Facial In NYC

The Electrical Facial

Source: New Beauty
Fall/Winter 2011 Issue

What It Is:

More of a toning technique than a cleansing one, electrical-based facials help to somewhat tighten up slightly saggy skin while alleviating puffiness- Vargas says to think of these treatments (specially microcurrent facials) like a trip to the gym for the face…

How It Works:

The pain-free treatment uses a dual-prong-tipped instrument that delivers safe levels of electrical current to reposition underlying facial muscles and deeper layers of skin- it is also said to increase circulation and collagen production.

“The electricity provides the tissue with a source of energy so cells can function that much better;” Vargas says.

“When cells are healthy, nutrients and water can be processed correctly, and waste and CO2 are removed properly.”

The Results:

Most see results immediately but according to Barton Schwartz, it is difficult to tell how long they last.

Product VS Treatment:

Which is more effective?

Professionally administered treatments can probably produce temporarily tighter and more lifted skin. ” The at-home line sounds interesting but there’s not a whole lot of evidence to support the claims,” says Vargas.

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