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The Best Vitamin C Serum By Joanna Vargas

Celebrity facialist and skincare guru Joanna Vargas created a vitamin C serum for daily use to keep wrinkles at bay. This topical vitamin C serum is an oil-based cosmetic product that delivers concentrated vitamin C to your complexion. This highly specialized serum offers a major advantage over moisturizers: rapid absorption and deep penetration. Once you try it you will love its ability to produce results because it does it in less time than other skincare products.

vitamin C Serum

How this magic potion will build your skin’s resilience and boost its radiance through the
power of Vitamin C. Brighter, tighter, better skin is one serum away!

Unfortunately, very little Vitamin C makes it to the skin when ingested, but it is one of the things your skin can benefit from the most! This makes it very important to apply this vital vitamin topically as well! And our mega-potent Rescue serum is packed with it!

This holy-grail of skin serums will go to work while you work. The Rescue Serum has the power to strengthen your skin’s elasticity at the molecular level while guarding against cell mutation caused by exposure to everyday pollutants (which are especially heightened if you’re a city girl.)

One thing to note, that although the formula is oil-based, it does not leave a oily texture on your skin. In fact, this serum has a velvety finish.

Here’s how this ultra serum will dramatically even skin tone, build resilience, and boost radiance through five key ingredients:

1. Vitamin C: The main event. This vital collagen promoter shields the skin from free radicals and provides protection against harmful UV rays.

2. Elderberry Extract is a powerful antioxidant and natural detoxifying agent.

3. Vitamin E comes in key to leave your skin baby soft…

4. Squalene optimally regulates oil production while moisturizing your skin for that envied supple look…

5. Fatty Acids hydrate the lypid layer while soothing redness and reducing flakiness.

Vitamin C can even assist your skin in reducing inflammation. It is mandatory to every skin-brightening regimen. It can help to protect the skin from pre-cancerous changes due to harmful UV rays too.

And don’t forget to include Vitamin C rich foods in your diet as well. If you want glowing skin, your overall health is first and foremost. Vitamin C is vitally important for growth, development and repair of ALL body tissues. Including your skin! It will additionally assist with healing wounds faster by speeding up the connective tissue process (that includes acne), boosting your immune system, and helping your body absorb iron.

You probably know that citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, but here are a few other fruits and veggies that you may not have realized are also packed with this wonderful vitamin: Parsley, Brussel Sprouts, Chilies, and even cauliflower!

Massage The Rescue Serum into your skin in an upward motion and let these magical ingredients work together to provide you with the skin you’ve been longing for…