Anti Aging

The Best Spa Treatment for Firmer, Tighter Skin

One of the most sought after spa treatments by celebrities and women in the know is, the microcurrent facial. This type of facial can reverse the signs of aging or better yet, keep you from looking older. It gives you an alternative to surgery and delivers visible results from the very first facial.

However, I don’t want to mislead you and promise you an all inclusive solution to your skincare concerns. The benefits of this facial vary from person to person. The clues to how much, lie in, your lifestyle, health of the person and nutrition.

In this short video, celebrity esthetician and founder of name sake skincare line, Joanna Vargas, describes what are the advantages of this spa treatment.

Benefits include:

Reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
* Tighter, firmer skin
* Drains excess water
* Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

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