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The Best New York Spa Offers Pre-Wedding Day Facials!

As we usher in spring, with summer just around the bend, nuptial planning season is in full effect! If ever there was a day you’d want perfect skin, it would be your wedding day. The most shining moment demands the ultimate preparation for overall transcendental gorgeousness. It’s the day for exceptional flawlessness: you wouldn’t trust just anyone to lay their hands on the bride’s face–professional or otherwise. The best New York Spa, at Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary, offers pre-wedding facials to have you glowing on your perfect day.

And if you don’t live in New York I’m sure you can find a top spa in your city to provide these extraordinary skin care treatments that promote a lasting youthful glow naturally. Look for spas that have independent editorials by leading magazines or reviews. You only want the finest facials using natural face care products and holistic pathways to achieve optimal skin perfection.

The Power Peel Facial

This phenomenal facial was regaled in this month’s People magazine as the best skincare treatment. The secret is in the application of exceptional non-invasive technology along with pure oxygen and an organic blueberry peel. A safe gentle diamond peel refines texture and reduces pore size for an undeniably flawless complexion.

Oxygen detoxifies epidermal cells ridding pores of pollutants and toxins that damage the skin. The face is most radiant with these contaminants completely eliminated. A lush hydrating facial such as Power Peel ensures an ageless luminous appearance.

LED Light Therapy

By itself LED (light emitting diodes) is the wonder technology that supremely reinvigorates skin. This therapy has been used by NASA to heal wounds and regenerate healthy epidermal tissue. With this effective natural face care you can achieve optimal cell renewal and muscle regeneration for toned age-defying radiance.

Penetrating low LED light levels tighten pores for a perfect texture. Sun spots are diminished while fine lines and wrinkles are filled for a smooth look. Elastin and collagen production are stimulated for the ultimate lift and health of skin. It is a truly holistic, gentle and safe treatment with no healing time or side effects that reveals a visage with superior vitality.

Oxygen Purifying Facial

If eliminating acne and the following inevitable blemishes is your goal, then this facial is perfect for you. Oxygen is not only purifying, but also antibacterial so when it’s applied to skin it inhibits future blackhead and pimple breakouts. Celebs like Madonna are so enamored with this facial that she maintains her own personal oxygen machine for this purpose. The results are clear—literally. As this life-giving element absorbs excess oil it also promotes velvety soft skin free of blemishes.

For the finish, organic nourishing serums drench the face with potent antioxidant protection against free radical damage. A botanical moisturizer delivers rich hydration to every epidermal cell for youthful buoyancy that naturally conjures polished perfection for your wedding day!

Joanna Vargas Skin Care Sanctuary offers all of these spa treatments. Call to make your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and GET $50 off on your first treatments.