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The Best In-Flight Skin Care Tips

Cold winter weather on its own can dry out your skin, but add flying, and it’s double trouble. So just in case you are heading out for a family visit, work or escaping to somewhere tropical, many of us have plane travel in the near future.

Not to brag, but I have master the in-flight beauty routines. Here are a few things that can salvage your skin and help you land in perfect condition. To make your appointments and get $50 off your first visit please call 212.949.2350.

By Tara Lamont-Djite

Donna Karan AW15-16

Donna Karan AW15-16

Air travel is looking up. From upgraded seating to newer airports and the increased amount of chic outfits we’re spotting on our favorite celebs, there shouldn’t be anything dowdy about traveling by plane. The next step in perfecting in-flight comfort is to nail your beauty routine. We spoke to Joanna Vargas, facialist to stars such as Michelle Williams, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Rachel Weisz, for her ultimate in-flight packing list, and some tips on how your hourly routine should run.

Pack a rejuvenating serum. Travelers generally get dehydrated, starting on the airplane. I encourage my clients to take my Rejuvenating Serum on board. Using it mid-flight will rehydrate the skin with skin softening olive oil, rosehips oil and neroli oil for increasing circulation. The jojoba oil in it will ensure that your pores won’t be clogged once you arrive at your destination.

Spritz Rosewater throughout the flight. I have clients pack rosewater toner in a spray bottle. Rosewater is incredibly hydrating, so if you spray it directly on your face, it gets moisture into the skin immediately.

Re-hydrate with a sheet mask. I also pack a hydrating sheet mask. It great for mid-flight and just off the plane. Tatcha makes a nice one. If you are too shy to do full face then the SK-II eye masks are great for keeping the eye area moist and de-puffed.

Time out your trip. Two hours in, your skin is already feeling dry. If you can, go wash your face. It will make the treatment feel cleaner and more like a facial. If you cannot, layering these steps over what you boarded the flight with isn’t bad as long as you aren’t wearing makeup. After washing (I of course use my own Vitamin C Face Wash) I follow with the rose water spray. I use Eminence Organics, but any brand will do as long as it’s organic. The rose will keep your circulation healthy on the skin and will also hydrate skin. It won’t make anyone break out, even those with oily skin. I follow that with my sheet mask. I rest with it on my face for about 15 minutes and follow that with an oil based serum like my Rejuvenating Serum. An oil will help keep moisture in the skin longer. On a flight to LA I do this once, but I re-spritz my skin twice more before I land. If you are too embarrassed to do this mid-flight, then just keep doing the rosewater spray and oil step until landing, every two hours. Once you land you can do the whole ritual.

Exfoliate upon arrival. When you arrive at your destination, exfoliate to get dead skin cells off the skin. It helps you to look refreshed for a business meeting or to go out. My Exfoliating Mask contains lactic acid and volcanic ash to draw out impurities, dirt and oil from your pores, as well as galactoarabinan, which is derived from the larch tree and causes mega cell turnover and skin lightening. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it’s great for even the most sensitive skin. I’m a big fan of multi-tasking with products anytime, and especially while traveling. A good cleanser and a serum are the two must-have essential products you can’t leave home without.

Make chamomile tea your best friend. If you have issues with puffy eyes, a face cream won’t help, but rather than packing another product, bring a few chamomile tea bags. Make tea, and use the cold tea bags to de-puff the under eye area quickly.