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The Best Day Spa: Treatments For Skin

When I discovered that the term “spa” may have originated from the southern Belgian city of the same name, it made sense to explore what the latest spa facials this city of relaxation is brewing for promoting skin health. The city of Spa, Belgium is said to have been a legendary place of ultimate revitalization with many natural mineral hot springs. “Taking the waters” of hot spring soaks, in this beautiful city has been a therapy offered in Belgium since Roman times.

So what makes a Spa facial different? There is a consciousness about treating skin with the gentlest, least intrusive products that source local botanicals: driven by thoughtful scientific research. While in the United States, many of the best day spas provide all natural facials, only in Belgium, are indigenous herbal plants harvested solely to infused them in their skin care treatments, uniquely offered in that region.

When you combine these botanicals with waters from the countless mineral rich hot springs, your skin will achieve overall luminous vibrancy.

Belgian Aromatherapy Facial

A series of purifying essential oils, sourced from native herbs are massaged into the face to cleanse, relax muscles, improve circulation, remove impurities and re-hydrate skin for youthful appearance. Combined with steam this facial has the potential to treat a variety of skin types and conditions as it stimulates the upper lymph nodes. There are “seasonal facials” that use organic extracts from locally sourced botanical plants to treat and pamper the skin toward soft radiance.

Beta Ex: Exfoliating Facial

This facial is a patented science exfoliating treatment for stimulating skin regeneration, exclusively offered in Spa. It is intended to replenish healthy epidermal tissue in blemished skin for a clearer smooth complexion.

Thermal Spa Facial

A treatment of mineral thermal water sourced locally in Spa is used to promote velvety radiant skin with unrivaled softness. Revitalizing atomization and refreshing mist is followed with gentle exfoliation. For the skin-enhancing climax a warm thermal facial mask is applied. Afterward, a deep moisturizing “ampoule” which is essentially an intensely nourishing serum is lavishly massaged into the skin.

Obviously you don’t have to travel all the way to Belgium for the best spa facial. New York City spa facials, are among the best of any national cities, and specifically Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary is celebrated by both media and clients as having the best facial in NYC.
You can have the skin you always wanted and don’t have to pay a premium on airfare.

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