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Symptoms That Your Skin Is Telling You To Detox

As my client your skincare goals are my primary concern and I always want to hear from you if you are achieving your skin’s ideal condition. Is it glowing, healthy, do you have better elasticity?

You and every other woman I know, including myself, know we want our skin to look FLAWLESS.

One way I achieve my skin’s ideal condition is by having a positive attitude and focusing on what’s good about my skin. This goes a long way as it helps me to keep testing, trying and learning new things.

I hope this next segment of my newsletter helps you come closer to your ideal of flawless skin.

How Your Body Eliminates Toxins

Your body has several ways it can eliminate toxins: the skin and lymphatic system are a major part of that system which also include the kidneys, lungs, liver, bowels and intestines.

If these elimination systems are not working properly your body will signal you with bloating, indigestion, congested sinuses, exhaustion, dehydration and chronic breakouts.

I consider the liver to be the most important elimination organ. The liver is responsible for taking toxins- including everything from drugs to alcohol to poisons and bacteria- out of the blood.

An overload of toxins in your liver can make your skin look dull, dry and lifeless.

Eating organic foods can eliminate a lot of the toxins and pesticides which can overload the liver thus allowing your skincare routine to making huge strides toward brighter, clearer, healthier skin.

The kidneys eliminate all of the byproducts of metabolism and a sign that this key organ is not working properly is urinary tract infections and painful joints.

In the skin it manifest itself with a chronic itchiness and redness, sometimes coupled with lack of color or glow in the face.

One way to help this organ move these toxins out of your body is by drinking plenty of water and at the same time keeping your skin hydrated.

Your intestines also store toxins and if everything is working properly they usually have been neutralized by the kidneys and liver. However, through various digestive disorders these toxins aren’t eliminated and show up in the skin as acne, dullness or lost elasticity.

The best way to help the intestines and colon is by eating foods that are easy to digest or eat foods that compliment the digestion process. An apple a day does keep the doctor away!

Doing this can boost your energy levels and have a remarkable effect on your skin.

Your lymphatic system and your skin are the last defense against toxins.

Your lymphatic system bathes every cell with nutrients and moves waste products away. The problem is that it needs physical exercise to be stimulated as it does not have its own pump like the circulatory system.

Without adequate movement the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients.

You need regular physical activity to jump start this system.

Your skin pretty much stores all the toxins that are not first eliminated by your internal organs.

This makes your skin extremely vulnerable to free radicals, scavenger molecules that seek to balance themselves by stealing from other cells, causing a cascade effect.

Free radicals are responsible for premature aging as they damage cell membranes that keep your skin plump and firm.

Exercising can help the skin eliminate toxins from within the skin and blood stream and can perform as much detoxing as the kidneys.

A healthy lifestyle as a whole can help you detox gradually and will overtime help you achieve longer lasting results for your body and your skin.

And if you choose to do a cleanse or detox please consult an expert known for getting results. The results can be elevate energy levels, alertness and your skin flawless.

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