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Skincare Protection During Summer

Finally the summer has arrived and most of you would be planning to go out on holidays to enjoy with your family and loved ones. The outdoor lifestyle of the summer and spring has made many people to worry about their skincare and thus follow a strict skin care routine. You would not imagine stepping out of the house without a bottle or two sunscreen lotions in your bag. The extreme cold temperatures you experienced in the winter has caused enough damage to your skin that it’s now hard to fight to get back into shape. You might have the most expensive moisturisers, organic or hand made products or even the natural products to protect your skin from the winter chill. It is really hard to take care of your skin during this transformation and most women need some smart solutions in order to get your skin ready for the shiny summer. I have listed some easy steps which could help to a certain extent to get your skin glowing and appear as flawless.

Vitamins: Taking essential vitamin supplements in your diet will bring in plenty of benefits for your health in the short as well as long term. Vitamins like E, C, K, A have characteristics that are essential to help you improve your skin appearance. It is also necessary that you use the creams rich in the above vitamins but also follow a well balanced healthy diet. Eating vitamin rich foods will have a great impact on the skin during summer.

Choosing the right product:  Most of your skin care treatment depends on the products you choose. Don’t be scared of the oily skin or dry skin types. For the dry skin types who fear that applying oil-based cleansers and treatments will make their skin even oilier and lead to clogging of the pores. On the other side, people with oily skin using dry skin treatments and cleansers will make their more drier. There are plenty of product options available in the market to choose from such as oils which can be used as moisturisers and or a combination with creams for those people who need more moisture.

Turndown the temperature of the shower: It is true that a long, hot shower is definitely more relaxing and feels great. However, a hot shower during the summer is a definite no-no. Taking a hot shower will make your skin flaky, dry and itching as the heat dries up the moisture in your skin. During summers, it is always advisable to take a mild warm shower or cooler showers.

Think what you are wearing: It is best advisable to wear thin and delicate cotton trousers with light colours. Avoid wearing black colour dresses and heavy clothes.

Exercise regularly: Continue your fitness routine during the summer but also include outdoor games like beach volleyball or football or even playing Frisbee.

Drink plenty of water: Always make sure you carry a bottle of water without to avoid any dehydration. Drinking plenty of water is very essential during summer.

Last but not the least make sure you enjoy this summer!!


This article is written Casey, pursuing her Ph.D in Dermatology and plans to launch her own brand of skincare products soon.