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Sex Can Help You Achieve Glowin Skin

Exercise, healthy foods and a great skincare routine are known for creating healthy skin. However, I would venture to say that none of us have ever wonder if sex should be on the list. Well lets read on and find out.

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Is Sex Good For Your Skin?

SEX & SKIN: Why A Healthy Sex Life Means Glowing, Clear Skin

Tim Barber

Tim Barber

In Ayurvedic medicine, it’s taught that your face is a reflection of your body. A zit in the middle of the forehead, for instance, is known as an imbalance of “the third eye”, relating to anger or stress. Redness of the nose is often a symbol of liver problems. And a breakout around your chin? Hormonal.

“Typical hormonal problems are caused by polycystic ovaries,” explained Dr. Marko Lens, founder of Zelens Skincare. “They usually produce more hormones, which leads to breakouts… and you can see that in the skin because it will have impurities and pimples, which is normally concentrated in the chin area.”

Most women are familiar with that special time-of-the-month bringing along a few pimples or zits on the chin, which only proves Dr. Lens’ point. But, one wonders, how can we achieve hormonal balance and get rid of those skin irritations?

“This is my clinical experience,” began Dr. Lens cautiously, “but women who are having regular sex have much better skin than women who don’t. A good sex life means better skin.”

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC, explained in greater detail: “Regular sex increases blood flow and decreases stress hormones in the body, and those stress hormones wreak havoc on the skin.”

And let’s not forget—more sex (hopefully) means more sweat, which means you’re getting a regular… workout, shall we say? “Regular sex is best, since the benefits of blood flow and stress hormones are cumulative,” said Dr. Tanzi.

Joanna Vargas, renowned celebrity facialist and founder of an eponymous skincare line, believes that a good workout means more beautiful skin. “Regular exercise is what drives your lymphatic system,” she said. “Your lymphatic system brings nutrients and carries away waste from every cell in the body. It doesn’t have its own pump, so the lymphatic system needs us to exercise in order to work. A bad lymphatic system will cause acne, breakouts, even full, dry skin.”

So an extra “workout” on a regular basis can mean a clearer, healthier, more glowing visage. “Increased circulation in skin means that nutrients are reaching the cells as well as oxygen, which is directly related to how good your skin looks,” Vargas said.

Surely we all know the story of François Nars’ iconic “Orgasm” blush, which—as beauty lore goes—is similar to the color in a woman’s cheeks after climax. (Really, Nars wanted something a bit “audacious”, so he named the product accordingly.) But maybe there’s something to it: A certain glow, a healthy complexion, and flushed, rosy cheeks…

“It’s happy skin!” exclaimed Dr. Lens simply.

And, hey: Who are we to disobey doctor’s orders? —Phillip Picardi (@pfpicardi)