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Organic Yogurt: Nutrient Rich For Ageless Skin

Parfait has beckoned many a health nut for eons—the creamy combination of yogurt, honey, fruit and granola has been my healthy mainstay in the morning hours like an old friend. Traveling the globe to find the Greek and Middle Eastern varieties have found me dazed by the extremely creamy textures of those original yogurts. Evidently, this dairy dream arrived on the health scene in 2000 BC, but the earliest records of its use, was by ancient Indo-Iranians in 500 BC. Yogurt and honey was thought by that ancient culture (and by my current account) to be the “food of the gods” at the time. There is text in the 11th century describing the use of cultured milk goodness by nomadic Turks. Considered in the 1800’s to be the most reliable cleanser, men used the fermented dairy product as a cleanser for skin—of sheep and goats. And of course women used it to clean their hair and bodies in that same period.

The live active cultures are what make yogurt extraordinary as a topical treatment for healthy skin. It is both antifungal and antibacterial, promoting collagen production and clear glowing skin when used as a cleanser as part of your regimen. The abundance of zinc ensures the reduced appearance of blemishes following acne outbreaks. You will find that yogurt has mild skin-bleaching properties that assist in diminishing those unsightly age spots. Lactic acid, an alpa-hydroxy essential for health, actually softens skin tissue to dissolve fine lines and wrinkles for a look that is optimally vibrant and fresh-faced. The use of yogurt for skin care aids in the removal of dead skin and increases the absorption of oxygen into the pores that ultimately softens the skin as it relaxes epidermal cells with each natural breath. After you apply an organic yogurt mask you find that your pores are significantly smaller making your face look more polished and smooth. For perfectly toned moisturized skin a simple application to your face for 40 minutes will do the trick, making this probably one the best facial treatments ever because it is so simple.

Acidophilus, found in your probiotic organic yogurt in generous amounts, inhibits the growth of yeast that in turn prevents yeast infections. This nutritious dairy wonder is also loaded with protein and fiber that encourages healthy digestion. The calcium yogurt provides maintains bone strength and longevity, reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis. It is an easy path to wellness with innumerable benefits for your skin and body. In the evening, after a daily grind kind of day pull out the cold tub of organic yogurt and treat yourself to a gentle mask.

Yogurt and Oatmeal Mask

1 cup of plain organic yogurt

½ cup of fine organic oatmeal

1 Tsp. honey

Mix these ingredients and apply to the face for 20 minutes. Remove with a steamed cloth for the best results. This mask is like parfait for your skin with all the satisfaction any health nut desires. In this case, your face will reveal its approval of a balanced diet, revealing its full beauty as proof.

Antropia Luna has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University–now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC and trekking the national museum scene freelance.