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Organic Skin Care Cleanser

By C.A Vargas

Phyt’s, Lait Hydro-Nettoyant/Cleansing Milk

Why should we use an organic skin care cleanser? Aside from the fact that the obvious culprit, the polluted environment in which we live, creates havoc upon our skin. Then there is no reason why we should also put up with the many toxins found in your average skincare product. These many toxins and synthetic chemicals get absorbed by the skin and ultimately affect our health, not to mention the health of our skin. Its no wonder why our skin looks dull and lifeless.

This certified organic cleanser smells incredible and feels pure the moment it touches your skin. What’s amazing about this cream cleanser is that it really removes surface dirt and makeup and can be simply rinsed off the face with water. Its one step to have clean, fresh skin! This simple step is often over looked by many but it is an essential for beautiful and radiant skin. SO DON’T NEGLECT IT!

These nourishing and natural ingredients bring a dull and tired looking face back to live. The Phyt’s organic cleanser contains Sunflower for hydration, Hazelnut to nourish and soften, Orange to detox, Palmerosa to balance, Lavendin which is anti-bacterial, Wild Chamomile for calming, Meadowsweet as an anti-inflammatory, Ginsing an immune stimulant and Passion Flower to soothe. Incredible!

Apply a quarter size amount to a dry face and neck. Massage into the skin and rinse with tepid water.

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