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Natural Sunburn Remedies

You got a little too much sun this summer? It has happened to me too. Either you fell asleep in the sun, or it was your first time at the beach this summer and you got overexposed.

The results of sunburn are of course, redness, pain, slight swelling and ultimately peeling for about three to seven days. Additionally, the skin will be itchy and feel extremely dehydrated.

I wrote down some of the best ways to handle and provide relief for a mild sunburn with natural homemade remedies.

Cool Down That Sunburn

You can still have a nice sun-kissed glow and prevent dry, peeling skin that is the result of a sunburn.

The first thing you need to do is cool the skin right away. The skin is actually still burning and will continue to burn until water is used to cool it down.

This will minimize the damage inflicted on the skin.

You can do several things: taking a cool shower is akin to first aid and can be the first step you take in order to hydrate and soothe the burn.

I would not use a soap right away unless its a very mild one in order to avoid further irritation.

Do the following steps after the cool shower, depending on how serious you are about preventing the sunburn from becoming dry, itchy and peeling skin.

First take plain organic yogurt with live cultures and mix equal parts of mashed strawberries and apply it to the affected area.

The yogurt will calm, hydrate and soothe your skin and the strawberries of course, are famous in the berry world for their potent antioxidants. This should be left on the skin for about 15 minutes. Remove gently with lukewarm water.

Brew a big pot of green tea, about 20 bags, and add it to your bath. Make sure the bath is lukewarm before getting in and that the water covers all affected areas of the sunburn.

Green tea has been well documented for its tremendous healing properties and its powerful antioxidants that can help your skin to heal faster.

Lastly, if your eyelids are burned, apply the green tea bags to your eyelids, during or after the bath. Making sure of course that they are properly soaked and cooled off.

This will help to decrease swelling and help relieve pain.

You can find similar sunburn cures and other skin care tips in the book, “The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies”.

I hope you found these tips on how to ease sunburns helpful for helping yourself or a friend

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