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My Celebrity Facial With Joanna Vargas

Although Joanna Vargas seldom uses the term celebrity facialist to describe herself, she will refer to herself as a skin care expert. This hard-won knowledge was obtained via various means, her own research, years as an esthetician and practical results in skin care. Her unique approach in skin care uses non-invasive methods such as microcurrent, LED light therapy and 98% pure oxygen in addition to using only organic skin care products. Read all about her signature facial the Triple Crown, a three step facial that uses, microdermabrasion, microcurrent and pure oxygen to deliver rejuvenating results like you have never seen.

By: Tracy Hopkins
August 3, 2009

Joanna Vargas’ salon is tucked away in an intimate space in a non-descript office building near Bryant Park. With only two treatment rooms, Vargas gives her celebrity and fashionista clientele the personal attention they crave. The 39-year-old Latina has had her own spa, Joanna Vargas Skin Care, for three years and has been an aesthetician for 12 years.
“I thought I would do [fashion] makeup, but I didn’t care for the amount of pressure and yelling on a photo shoot,” the University of Chicago graduate says. “So I went to aesthetics school and fell in love with skincare instead.

I recently visited Joanna’s salon and sampled her signature Triple Crown Facial, which utilizes a mild electrical current known as microcurrent. Here’s what she had to say about her innovative techniques:

Hot Mama Daily: Tell me about the Triple Crown Facial.

Joanna Vargas: It’s called the Triple Crown facial ($250) because there are three components: A diamond microdermabrasion at the beginning; I don’t do any facial without that step. Then the majority of the facial is done with microcurrent, which drains excess puffiness, tightens the muscle, and restores the skin. The final part of the facial is an oxygen treatment, which is 98 percent pure oxygen, infused with a serum of green tea, vitamins and aloe.

HMD: What are the benefits of getting a facial like this as opposed to a traditional facial with extractions?

JV: I do traditional facials as well. The focus with this facial is anti-aging and the general health of the skin. Extractions are good if you have something to come out, but a lot of people don’t need extractions. I believe [the Triple Crown Facial] is like going to the gym for your face. It keeps your muscles strengthened and makes sure your skin is a healthy as it can be. It gives you a glow. I think when a woman feels healthy and like she’s doing everything she can for her body, she feels confident. And that translates into looking beautiful.

HMD: I have some hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring. What would you suggest?

JV: I do something called a VitaLight treatment ($150) that uses LED light therapy. It is a proven treatment that uses red and infrared light that corrects any skin damage and stimulates your lymphatic system. It also causes cells to produce ATP, which the cells need to maintain proper health. Pretty much all of my clients do LED treatments as well as weekly or monthly facials. LED is great for anything from acne scars and wrinkles to active acne. It really helps all skin types. For general maintenance, clients get it with their facial once a month.

HMD: What would you suggest for me in terms of maintenance?

JV: You don’t really have a lot of extractions. But you need to exfoliate more.

HMD: I use a buff puff. A lot of aestheticians tell me not to.

JV: [laughing] Okay, that’s not good. I recommend using organic products to everyone. They help restore the glow to your skin and I think the body assimilates them better than products with chemicals. After age 30, you have to step it up a bit. You can’t just use whatever product, and good products don’t have to be expensive. You want to feed your skin the right vitamins and nutrients, just like when you eat a salad with a healthy protein instead of a burger every day. For you, I would also recommend a monthly Triple Crown facial and VitaLight therapy to bring out your skin tone in general. That would pretty much keep everyone guessing about your age.

HMD: I like that.