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Monoi And Kukui Nut Oils For Replenished Skin

Monoi And Kukui Nut Oils For Replenished Skin

Monoi Oil

We’re trekking to the Tahitian islands where we’ll find the tiare flower and pluck it before it blooms. This variety of gardenia will be bathed in coconut oil to infuse the nutty serum, as it blossoms, with a gorgeous floral scent. The exotic oil is one that captures all of the benefits and properties of coconut oil while offering one of the most desirable olfactory experiences for the even the most discerning of noses.

There’s good reason for the monoi trend in skin and hair care at the moment. It has splendid moisturizing properties that outperform most botanicals that brag of hydration benefits. This oil has the coconut to thank for its multiple superior benefits for healthy tresses and skin.

For starters, the presence of lauric acid as an antibacterial is excellent for treating acne and skin infections. It is improves your body’s absorption of minerals optimal health. And of course the antioxidants reduce the damage from free radicals when in contact with environmental pollutants. The hefty fatty acid content in coconut oil enables the final monoi product to saturate the skin with intense hydration, eliminating dry, flaky chapped skin in the process. Its restorative properties give strength and elasticity to the deeper epidermal tissue layers for more than superficial results. The added benefit is the natural stress reduction possible with a simple massage of monoi oil on the temples. As you work it from skin into hair you will feel the fatigue of stress dissipate.

With deep moisturizing your skin is less prone to the onset of wrinkles and other associated visible signs of premature aging. When using aromatic monoi oil you’ll find both your hair and skin have soft youthful radiance that can endure the elements with grace, whether on a city island or a tropical one.

Kukui Nut Oil

Once you’ve found yourself on a deserted beach after exposure to all the tropical elements of the Hawaiian Islands, then you’ll also find yourself wondering what the locals do to remedy weather worn skin. You surfed and hiked that treacherous volcano in spite of all the warnings. You’ve returned safe, but your skin has not. At this point a local Hawaiian seeing your sunburned desperation steers you the ancient Kukui nut oil, of the Hawaiian state tree, to remedy and soothe your damaged skin.

Kukui, which means “enlightenment,” has long been used by Hawaiians to protect hair and skin against damage from sun and salty sea. When applied topically it prevents the body’s demise from exposure to the elements. It naturally replenishes moisture going straight to the deep layers in skin tissue and hair follicles for complete nourishment and hydration. The result is a fully restored look that is visibly age-defying. If you suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis this fine nut oil will soothe the most extreme dry skin relieving the overall symptoms and discomfort from irritation. Sunburn is easily treated when using Kukui after overextended outdoor activities. The 42% linoleic acid and the 29% alpha-linoleic acid in this oil create a protective barrier in the depths of the epidermal layer that effectively preserve the health of skin. Add to the benefit package vitamins A, C and E and you have some of the richest antioxidants to fully shield you from inevitable brush with damaging free radicals.

These two oils can temporarily transport you to exotic distant paradise with one application, but more importantly they offer thorough rejuvenation for the healthiest softest hair and skin the elements have ever had the pleasure to glance.