Anti Aging

Microdermabrasion is Anti-Aging

The reward of any specific day spa, skin care salon or spa comes from its services and the results they yield, not from the lavish settings and the soothing music.

When I develop a skin care treatment, my first concern is the workability and the results each step yields for you, my client. Each basic step is measured and tested for results and safety. This includes testing and researching the organic skin care products used.

Any part of a facial or skincare treatment must stand alone for workability and when combined must add or enhance the overall benefits of the facial or skincare treatment.

It is this practical and meticulous approach to skin care that separates Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary from other day spa or skin care salons. This is why beauty editors and clients alike recommend our signature facials because they contain basic steps to staying young and beautiful. And these anti-aging treatments are noninvasive and use only organic skin care products.

I have created in each treatment a new and holistic approach to skin care that you will benefit from. Your skin will be healthier, younger and radiantly beautiful.

One of the most basic steps to any facial or skincare routine is microdermabrasion. This means the removal of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells and surface dirt from the skin on the face or body. This action triggers the skin’s natural healing mechanism allowing the skin to safely produce collagen and elastin, two vital proteins that keep skin young and healthy.

Once the microdermabrasion has been done, it exposes fresh new skin that can more readily absorb the perfectly crafted organic skin care products that we use in our facials. These specific organic skin care products nurture, heal and restore damaged skin while at the same time stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen gives the skin the firmness that young people have and elastin provides the elasticity that so many older people lack in their skin.

Microdermabrasion has been commonly done in the past by sandblasting the face with abrasive aluminum dioxide. This sand-like material is very hard and very fine and although it works, it can leave the skin red and irritated in the first twenty-four hours.

We use an innovative new way of doing microdermabrasion that does not scratch or makes the skin red with irritation. This type of microdermabrasion is done with a diamond tip wand that gently removes the top dead layer of skin. It can be done even on the most sensitive of skin.

The immediate benefits are a fresh, clean and glowing face. Over time, microdermabrasion will actually reduce enlarged pores, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall texture of the skin. This simple step brings beauty back to dull and lifeless skin.

This basic step in skin care, exfoliation, has been done since ancient Egypt! Although greatly refined and therefore any discomfort that was associated with the technique is no longer there.

In fact, regular exfoliation at home in between facials greatly improves the overall look of the skin and gives you a mini-facial right at home! Our best selling exfoliator for at home use is the “Phyt’s Contact +”.

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